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Fridge with Pull-Out Pantry

Cirrus 920 Truck Camper Fridge with Pull-Out Pantry

Cirrus 920 Truck Camper Fridge with Pull-Out Pantry

Fridge with Pull-Out Pantry

Big in volume yet small in size, the Stainless Steel Fridge with Pull-Out Pantry boasts a tremendous volume of over 5 cubic feet!

The Thetford N3141 3-way Fridge is also optimized for tidy, organized storage and features:

  • An external bottom pull-out drawer
  • A slide-out container and door bins
  • Control panel
  • Unparalleled cooling performance
  • Quiet to run

Additionally, the pull-out pantry features cargo netting on each shelve to ensure your goods stay in place. (Fun Fact: Due to the popularity of it, the cargo netting was inspired from our TAB Outback Package!) The stainless steel fridge complements the stainless steel mosaic tile backsplash perfectly.

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