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Teardrop Campers Equal Smiles for Enthusiasts

There’s a reason why teardrop campers are a happy bunch. Bringing their “home” along for the ride is not only a budget-friendly alternative to hotel stays, but it also gives them the flexibility to “stop and smell the roses” and make some new friends along the way!
Wondering if teardrop camping is for you? Here are some pluses to consider:
More flexibility with your travel
You’re driving down the highway while nature unveils her bounty: majestic mountains, mysterious forests, foam-tipped ocean waves and verdant plains as far as the eye can see. If only you could just pull over and take in the view…
But there’s that pesky hotel check-in time you have to adhere to or risk losing your room. A room whose view is more likely to be that of a parking lot rather than the great outdoors.
With a teardrop camper, you can have your view when and where you want. All you need to do is decide when and where to stop. Take your pick of the more than 245 million acres of public lands under the Bureau of Land Management or pull into one of 18,000 public and privately-owned campgrounds or free parking sites nationwide.
It’s your trip—you decide!






Opportunity to make new friends.

One of the joys of travel is the chance for strangers to become friends. But that’s hard to do when check-out is at 11.
But when you travel in a teardrop, your time is your own. And staying at a campground brings you together with other like-minded travelers. Once you’ve set up camp, you can take advantage of the park amenities, which can range from swimming pools and game rooms to golf courses and social activities—or simply invite your neighbors over for an impromptu cookout!
Dining under the stars beats eating in a crowded, noisy restaurant any day!

A way to stretch your vacation dollars
Forget that two-week budget-busting vacation! With a teardrop camper in tow, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal! Head out for a weekend without worrying about seasonal rate hikes.
Hit the highway for a month-long road trip and don’t experience sticker-shock from the hotel and restaurant bills. Studies have shown that RV vacations in general cost much less than other types of vacation travel—even with kids along!

In short, it’s no secret why camping with a teardrop is fun: the freedom to stop and take in the sights, the opportunity to make new friends with fellow campers, and it’s easier on the budget than hotel accommodations. Enjoy traveling in a teardrop and be part of the nuCamp family!

Content: Nancy Christie
Photos: Mandy Lea

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