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TAB Teardrop Camper Models

nüCamp RV offers two models of TAB Teardrop Campers including the classic TAB 320 Teardrop Camper Model and the brand new TAB 400 Teardrop Camper. In case you are wondering about the TAB 320 designation, nüCamp RV decided in early 2017 to adopt the European designation for the classic TAB Teardrop Camper in order to reduce confusion and to simplify the naming of its product lines. This simplification should help simplify the ordering process for customers and dealers.

Moving forward, each model of TAB will have one or more floor plans, a selection of packages available for the respective TAB Teardrop Camper models, a list of features specific to each model and floor plan, and a list of options that may be currently available or will become available in the future. The navigation of the TAB website has been created to help customers and dealers easily decipher which features come on each model.

nüCamp RV is committed to providing the highest quality and most innovate recreational vehicle products on the North American RV market. We believe that simple is better, and we have taken that approach in designing our teardrop campers.  In reviewing historical sales data our engineering and research and development teams discovered that, despite a wide-range of à la carte features and options, within specific floor plans most customers selected the same ones. This informed our decision entering into the 2017 model year to simplify how nüCamp RV offers its products. It also resulted in a savings in manufacturing costs and a reduction in manufacturing line errors–a benefit to customers of the TAB Teardrop Camper line.

Ordering a new TAB Teardrop Camper couldn’t be easier. When visiting your authorized TAB dealer, simply select your model (the 320 or the 400). If you are ordering a TAB 320 Model, let them know which floor plan you want and whether you want a package (i.e., the Outback Package or the Sofitel Package). Let your dealer know which color combination you desire and whether you want any upgraded options (remember, there aren’t many options because we have packed the most popular options into packages to provide you greater value and to simplify the ordering process).


Available 2017 TAB Teardrop Camper Models

TAB Model 320

TAB Model 400

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