Owner Highlight: Finding Her “Forever Camper”

Donna Economos is no stranger to the world of RVing. Over the years, she has owned three Airstreams, three teardrops, and one vintage trailer. But now, she has found her “forever camper” — a seaglass Barefoot Travel Trailer.

“I want everybody to see what a cool camper this is,” Donna exclaimed. “It really is a game changer in my book. This is my forever camper. If I sell it, that means I’m not camping anymore.”

Donna’s RV journey began in 2019, following the passing of her sister after a battle with ovarian cancer. Camping became her refuge, offering her peace and a space to heal from the terrible heartache she experienced. Since then, Donna has been on a quest for the perfect camper, and now she believes she finally found it in the Barefoot.

“I love this camper — she serves my needs perfectly,” Donna wrote in a post on the Barefoot by nuCamp Facebook group. “… The Barefoot is a little pricey but glamping in this tiny little egg is luxurious, functional, and just works perfectly on or off-grid, and the cute factor is off the chart!”

Finding the perfect RV

Donna’s first camper was a 2006 TAB, manufactured by Dutchman before nuCamp acquired the rights to the model.

Despite it being more than a decade old at the time, the camper was impeccably maintained — almost like new, Donna recalled. It was the perfect introduction into the RV lifestyle.

However, lacking a bathroom eventually led Donna to part ways with the TAB in pursuit of something more suitable.

Subsequent RVs also didn’t quite meet her needs or had issues that resulted in her selling the camper. One trailer had a leaky air conditioner; another didn’t get enough natural light and felt like entering a tunnel. Eventually, Donna realized she desired a smaller trailer and downsized from a 19-foot trailer to the Barefoot.

The larger trailer was too much stress, Donna explained. She sought something she could confidently tow and manage solo. Her husband works nearly seven days a week managing a restaurant, which can make it difficult for him to step away for a camping trip. With his packed schedule, it’s not unusual for Donna to pack up her two small dogs and head for the North Carolina mountains.

“The Barefoot is so easy to handle and light enough to move around with the handles on concrete,” Donna commented.

Choosing the Barefoot

Donna first encountered the Barefoot shortly after nuCamp announced their intention to be the North American partner of Barefoot Caravans. Despite production setbacks due to COVID and supply shortages, Donna’s interest was reignited after deciding to sell her larger travel trailer.

Impressed by the Barefoot’s quality, she took the plunge and made the purchase in February 2024.

Since then, she’s embarked on five camping trips with her Barefoot, discovering a newfound love for boondocking in her cozy haven, affectionately named Thelma Lou after a character from The Andy Griffith Show.

“I would not consider any other small camper,” Donna said. “That’s why I say this is my forever camper. There’s no way I could go to any other brand. The quality (of other RVs) is nowhere near nuCamp’s. You get what you pay for.”

During her travels, Donna often attracts curious onlookers eager to glimpse the interior of her unique travel trailer. Many are amazed by the spaciousness within its compact frame. The Barefoot’s roomy interior was a major selling point for Donna.

She also loved the convenience of the Barefoot from the easy dinette to bed conversion to the hassle-free cassette toilet.

Donna keeps a journal, chronicling her adventures and writing down funny or memorable anecdotes from each of her trips. She also shares stories and snapshots of her travels in the Barefoot Facebook group. The team at nuCamp wishes her countless miles of joyful travels and eagerly anticipates her future expeditions.

Donna dreams of visiting the New England area and Ohio Amish Country to tour nuCamp’s headquarters in Sugarcreek. For now, she’s content to escape to the North Carolina mountains with her pups, reveling in the beauty of off-grid destinations.

“I love it!” Donna exclaimed. “It puts a smile on my face every time I see it.”

Interested in seeing the Barefoot firsthand? Contact your local nuCamp dealer for more info.

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