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Introducing the TAB 360

TAB 360 is set to revolutionize our teardrop travel trailer lineup. We blended the best features of our beloved TAB 320 and the spacious TAB 400. This seamless mix of innovation and luxury offers more living space but makes it easy to handle.

For Adventurers Who Want A...

  • Larger "tiny" trailer without extra weight.
  • Longer bed that sleeps North to South.
  • Taller interior height & more living space.
  • Larger refrigerator and expanded storage.

Compare the Specs*

TAB 320 TAB 360 TAB 400
Interior Height: 5'9" 6'4" 6'7"
Overall Length: 15'6" 16'8" 18'3"
Dry Weight: 2,043 lbs 2,600 lbs 2,911 lbs
Primary Sleeping: 71"x72" 31"x80" 55"x79"
Secondary Sleeping: N/A 31"x79" 31"x74"
Fridge Size: 2.3 cu ft 5.0 cu ft 4.6 cu ft
Television Size: 19" 24" 24"
Fresh Tank: 19 gal 25 gal 25 gal
Gray Tank: 18 gal 18 gal 18 gal
Black Tank: Cassette Cassette 16 gal
  • TAB 360 specifications are based on prototypes and are subject to change upon production.
TAB 360

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Camper Including Offical Launch Date And More!

nuCamp reserves the right to make refinements during the model year, including but not limited to materials, components, colors, and specifications without notice.