AVIA Affection—Love at First Sight for Canadian Pedro Requiz

For Pedro Requiz, it was love at first sight.

To be clear, this isn’t about his feelings for his wife, Adriana, or his two children. In this instance, the affection he experienced was for the 2020 AVIA camper that ultimately joined his family in 2021.

Photo provided by Pedro Requiz.

The feelings were first kindled when he traveled to Germany in 2018 and checked out a few units: Hobby Prestige and the Buccaneer. But when he returned to Canada, he couldn’t find anything comparable.

“The only option was an Airstream, but the price wasn’t in our budget,” he recalls. “Then I remembered back in the summer of 2020 I saw a YouTube video from Princess Craft RV. When I saw the AVIA, I knew she was the one. The quality was there.”

However, like any great love story, Pedro’s journey to the AVIA was no easy feat. Despite his best efforts, the AVIA remained elusive, with none to be had in the Canadian market. Not willing to give up, Pedro continued his search, and finally, three-and-a-half years after it all began, his efforts were rewarded.

Fast forward to a fateful Saturday morning in the spring of 202. The same video appeared, and this time, Cupid took pity on him. Lo and behold, there was an AVIA for sale just 25 minutes from home.

“I rushed to the Groupe Alliance dealership in Montreal, and she was there,” he recalled. “Right away, I put a deposit on it, and I finalized the transaction at the end of July 2021.”

For Pedro and his wife, who were long-time tent campers, owning an RV was a new experience.

“We started camping almost 30 years ago when we came to Canada, and even after the kids arrived, we continued camping in a tent,” he says. “But after so many years, I was looking for comfort and security.”

The AVIA gave the family that and so much more. The European aesthetics, the mesmerizing sound system, and the practical kitchen cabinets and Alde system were just a few of the features that won them over.

Photo provided by Pedro Requiz.

Now, with their Mercedes Benz ML 350 Bluetec serving as the tow vehicle, the family has done quite a lot of traveling with their newest family member. Last year alone, they racked up nearly 13,000 km or about 8,078 miles. Their travels took them from Montreal to Banff and to Jasper, Wyoming, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons national parks. 

Pedro proudly recounts their 64-day trip, emphasizing their commitment to boondocking – not a single day hooked up to electrical. In Quebec’s National Parks, where services abound, the AVIA stood out as their five-star retreat.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Requiz family has Utah and Cape Cod on their travel wishlist.

Little did Pedro know that purchasing the AVIA would lead to a second unexpected adventure – a career change. His visit to Groupe Alliance opened doors, and since November 2022, Pedro has been an integral part of the dealership’s sales department.

“I had been in the real estate business for 22 years, but after Covid, I just wanted to take a break,” explained Pedro. “Being able to share my RV experience with potential buyers has been great!”

As Pedro continues to weave his RV tales, it’s clear that the AVIA not only brought joy to his family but also sparked a new chapter in his professional journey. Love, it seems, knows no bounds – whether for a camper or a career shift.

Photo provided by Pedro Requiz.

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