Cool Camper Accessories and Extras

You know all the standard items you need for successful RV-ing, but what about those little extras that aren’t necessarily essential but would be neat to have along for the trip?

We’ve put together a list of some products you might want to add to your list; thanks to suggestions from Best ProductsTravel AwayTrekknCamp Addict and, America’s National Parks store. You can also check out our other posts, How to be a Green Camper and Holiday Gift Ideas for Rv-ers, for more ideas.

For Emergencies

Nothing like finding out in the middle of a rainstorm that your awning has sprung a leak or that a tear in the mesh has let in a horde of hungry mosquitoes. But if you have a roll of Gear Aid Tenacious Tape handy, you can take care of that problem ASAP. According to the manufacturer, the adhesive will bond permanently to a variety of materials including nylon, mesh, rubber, and plastic. Another option is Better Boat Repair Tape—a fabric repair tape that’s waterproof and weather-resistant. Grab a roll (or maybe two) and be ready for all those little unfortunate events.

Even though you think you’ve packed every tool you might need, chances are there is one that you’ll wish you had brought along. The odds of that happening are reduced if you pack the EST tactical shovel. The folding shovel is 18 tools in one and comes with a ripstop nylon pouch. From a saw, camping axe, and hoe to wire-cutter, trowel, and ice pick (just to name six of the 18), it’s the ultimate shovel. 

RVs and campers may be shorter in height than your average bricks-and-mortar home, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have situations where you need some extra inches to do what needs to be done, like check your RV roof after going through a tunnel (oops!) or hang some lights from a nearby tree branch. But who has space for a 12-foot ladder? You will if the ladder in question is the OxGord 12.5 Feet Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder. The telescoping ladder can hold up to 330 pounds and extend to over 12 feet, and when you’re done, it will collapse to a little over three feet. Even better, it comes with a carrying bag for easy storage.

For Socializing

Speaking of ladders and lights, imagine yourself gathered with fellow campers in the great outdoors on a summer’s eve. While moonlight is nice, sometimes you just want a little more illumination, and with Lighting Ever’s LED Rope Light, that’s just what you can have. The 33-foot low voltage waterproof rope light comes with a timer and indoor-outdoor plug and can be easily wrapped around railings, tree branches and anywhere else you can think of. And with eight lighting modes, you can set the mood to suit the occasion.

So now that you have lights, what’s next? Obviously, some snacks, but when you’re serving beverages to adults, you want something a little classier than paper cups. That’s where Lifefactory Glassware comes to the rescue. The glassware comes in multiple sizes and styles, all with silicone sleeves to provide non-slip grip and help protect the glass from breakage. And if you’ve got little ones, the baby and toddler options have you covered.

Another essential for party time is ice—lots of it—but sometimes the camper fridge just can’t handle the demand. No problem. Just turn on your hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop and in eight minutes, you’ll have the ice cubes you need. 

For Fun

Looking for some entertainment on your road trip? America’s National Parks store has travel-sized games for kids and adults. Start with the YAHTZEE National Parks Travel Edition—a National Parks’ version of our favorite dice game. Then there’s the Night Sky Finder Card Game for ages 4 and up (including adults who can’t tell Ursa Major from Canis Minor). It’s a go-fish game with an astronomy twist, covering stars, planets, and other space objects. 

Or how about Trivial Pursuit National Parks Travel Edition? For ages 12 and up, the game has more than 600 questions about National Parks Service’s landmarks, national battlefields, wildlife, heritage sites, and much more. Best of all, all purchases help to fund vital interpretative and educational programs enjoyed by millions of visitors to America’s national parks and other public trusts.

There you go: 10 items to put on your “must buy” list to help make your next road trip even easier and definitely more fun!


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