Glamping in the T@bitha at the Elkhart RV Open House

I admit it. I am not a camper. I’m not even an outdoorsy type. I prefer a comfy chair and a good book to a walk in the woods or an evening around a campfire. But my aversion to roughing it disappeared when the T@bitha, our glamping style TAB, made its way up my driveway.

I couldn’t help breaking out in a big grin when I saw its cute and glossy red and white body. And my grin got even bigger when I peeked in the window. Happily, that peek gave me a glimpse of the T@bitha’s neutral interior. This includes Wales grey upholstery, eco-friendly slate-colored Marmoleum flooring, and white and espresso blazed birch cabinetry. I’d drooled over those features when I saw them in the brochure. Now I was seeing them in person.

T@bitha doorway
The T@bitha all glamped up and ready for the road trip from Ohio to Elkhart, Ind., for the Elkhart RV Open House.

The T@bitha’s neutral color scheme appealed to me for a number of reasons. Not the least of them was the opportunity the trailer gave me to use some of my colorful vintage gear and decor. These ranged from a tall round Skotch Kooler to a 50s-style plaid picnic basket, to a quilt and pillows I crafted from an embroidered tablecloth and vintage fabric from my neighborhood thrift shop. I had been collecting these items for years. Now I was excited to take them on the road.

On the road to Elkhart in the T@bitha

Adding more excitement to my experience was the fact that I would be on the road to the annual Elkhart RV Open House. That’s where nuCamp RV would unveil the prototype for its much anticipated TAB 400. The event, expected to draw 4,000 dealers, runs today through Sept. 22.

We arrived at the Elkhart Campground an hour before sunset, which made setting up a challenge. That was particularly true since I haven’t camped since 1975, and I have never camped in a camper. I told you I’m not a camper!

However, nuCamp RV Master Technician Ed answered the call and helped me finish my set-up. I spent the rest of my evening in air-conditioned comfort. I read. I let Frank Sinatra “Fly Me to the Moon” via the bluetooth stereo system and its three speakers. Then, “In the Still of the Night,” I flipped the sofa cushions down and stowed my extra pillows and quilt in the handy storage area behind them. I then turned in for the night on a bed roomier than the queen-size I have at home.

Up close with the T@bitha

Of course, last night and this morning, I had to take some photos to show you how much fun it is to get settled into this sweet and special little camper. And that’s true even if you’re like me — a glamper, not a camper!

The T@bitha's sofa, all accessorized, with the table at its low setting to function as a coffee table.
The T@bitha’s sofa is like having chaise lounges for two, with an individually controlled reading light on each side. It’s easy to add your own touches with vintage pillows and a quilt. Anything goes with the T@bitha’s neutral decor. And at its low setting, the table functions nicely as a coffee table.
So handy! The ledges above both side portal windows are perfect for keeping small items, such as soap bottles, phones, magazines, and ebooks within easy reach.
So handy! The ledges above both side portal windows are perfect for keeping small items, such as keys, liquid soap, phones, magazines, journal, and ebook reader, within easy reach.
The T@bitha's kitchen has everything -- a sink, two-burner stove, and a three-way refrigerator. But all I needed to make my morning coffee was the sink and the overhead electrical socket.
The T@bitha’s kitchen has everything — a glass-top sink with folding faucet, a glass-top two-burner propane stove, and a roomy three-way refrigerator. It’s the perfect spot for making morning coffee while looking out the kitchen window.
When raised up, the table provides the perfect spot for blogging -- and other such things.
When raised up, the table provides a great surface for blogging — and other such things. You can multi-task by watching a TV or movie favorite on the 19-inch entertainment system.


Of course, even glampers take to the great outdoors once in a while, as long as they have a comfy seat -- and the T@bitha makes the perfect backdrop.
Of course, even glampers take to the great outdoors once in a while, as long as they have a comfy seat — and the T@bitha makes the perfect backdrop.
Just make sure to wipe your flip-flops before you come back in!
Just make sure to wipe off your flip-flops before you come back on in!


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