Work Hard, Play Hard… While on the Job: nuCamp Photo Shoot

“Work hard, play hard.” That’s the saying we’ve been hearing for years. But who said you can’t play hard on the job?! At nuCamp RV, while we do work hard every day, we strive to have fun on the job, too. A few weeks ago, we had a photographer come in to do a photo shoot with our products. If you follow our Instagram (@nuCampRV), you probably already saw our fun adventures. For those that didn’t follow along, we had the opportunity to meet up with John Fleck. Not only is he a photographer, but he’s a friend and makes our job more fun than what it already is. You’re probably wondering how much fun could we really have on a nuCamp photo shoot – and I’m about to tell you.

nuCamp Photo Shoot Day 1: TAG Teardrop Trailer

The first product we shot was with John’s TAG Teardrop Trailer – and he’s got the Outback package. We found a secluded area of woods and marsh that made the shoot perfectly themed for the Outback edition.

Halfway through the shoot, we were getting ready to set-up the area to capture the TAG Teardrop Trailer with the sunset. One thing led to the next, and somehow we ended up getting the cameras and gear locked in John’s car, along with the car keys. At this point, we figured we were going to have to end the shoot early. Luckily for us, AAA came to the rescue (they deserve a standing ovation for coming out in the woods) and opened the door. If things weren’t bad enough, the car battery died about twenty minutes later. Through it all, we eventually got back on our feet and got some beautiful photos of the sunset. Not too bad for the first day out!

nucamp photo shoot TAG Teardrop Trailer

nuCamp Photo Shoot Day 2: Cirrus Truck Camper

Rested and ready to go for a second day, we loaded a [beautiful] Cirrus Truck Camper onto one of our trucks in search of picture-perfect scenery. About an hour into the drive, we came across a friend’s farm who was extremely helpful and let us take photos on his land – they even let John camp there over night. After driving through a plentiful amount of cow manure, passing horses along the way, and up one of the steepest hills our campers have seen, we reached a beautiful spot. The spot overlooked all of Amish Country; it was breathtaking. Throughout the night, John was had some unexpected guests join him for several photos. In fact… it looked like they had a knack for photography.

nucamp photo shoot cirrus truck camper

nucamp photo shoot cirrus truck camper

nuCamp Photo Shoot Day 3: TAB Teardrop Camper

Ahhh the final day of shooting. This is going to sound cliche, but time flies when you’re having fun. Since the backdrop was too good, we decided to shoot the TAB Teardrop Camper in the same spot as the Cirrus Truck Camper. No joke, I didn’t think the TAB was going to make it up the hill.. it was huge. Sure enough, we made it up without any problems. We could see a storm brewing from afar. You know that moment when you know this is what you’ve been waiting for? This was how John was feeling with the weather. I think I’ll let the photos do the talking. See below.

nucamp photo shoot t@b teardrop camper

nuCamp photo shoot TAB Teardrop Camper


nuCamp Photo Shoot: It’s a Wrap

Over the course of a week, I learned more about our campers than I already knew, became closer with friends, and had a blast on the job. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have this job, but I’m thankful for it. Our products, community, and people I work with make it bearable and always have me feeling excited for a new day. Thanks, John, for making our photography week a great one and we can’t wait for you to come back! Be sure to follow John’s Instagram (@JohnDFleck) for all his latest adventures… and photos of his TAG Teardrop Trailer 😉

nucamp photo shoot cirrus truck camper

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