Why Choose a Teardrop?

Camper Owners Share the Reasons for Their Decisions

You’ve been considering buying a teardrop camper but you’re not sure if it will suit your needs? Or maybe you already have one and are thinking of upgrading to a larger model? In either case, you might find it helpful to hear a little input from other nuCamp owners. We gathered together some of our TAG and TAB owners and asked them why they chose their teardrop. Maybe their answers will help you make your decision!

Convenient and easy to maneuver

Seattle, Washington artist Judi Ciucci chose the TAB for traveling with her two daughters, Paisley and Clementine, in part because it was more convenient.

“We were avid tent campers for a while, but it can be difficult with young kids, especially if one is potty-training. Going out in the dark in the middle of the night is not an option!” Jud said. “Growing up I’ve always wanted a teardrop camper, so I took the plunge,” adding that, even though she had no prior experience towing or RVing, she found the TAB very easy to maneuver.

Easy-to-tow behind most smaller SUVs

Although Meagan Butler had a shortlist of RVs that she was considering, it was the TAB Outback that she and her husband settled on. Why that model?

“I knew it was compact and easy-to-tow behind most smaller SUVs,” she explained. “Aside from the small size and weight, the TAB has a lot of features that make for comfortable living both on and off the grid, and my Outback model would allow me the opportunity to boondock and go off-road. I love things that are aesthetically pleasing, and the TAB is both adorable and functional.”

All the features of the giant rigs in a small footprint

While full-timer Marti Wieschowski had made the decision to take her house on the road, she still wanted some of the comforts of home — specifically, the bathroom. That was what prompted the decision to upgrade from her TAG to the TAB 400.

“I found myself ‘boondocking’ frequently in my TAG and felt very unsafe searching for a bathroom in the middle of the night. Also, many workamping opportunities require that the rig is fully self-contained.”

Other benefits of the new rig were the dedicated bed and dinette, the ease in towing and maneuverability, and, she added, the nuCamp quality and design that can’t be beaten.

A husband’s preference for a tent upgrade

Debra Vincze’s husband Randy was one unhappy camper, especially after a very cold and wet trip to New Brunswick, complete with a hurricane hit. Although she had been tent-camping since her Brownie days, her husband was more of a reluctant companion when the stops were at campsites. It wasn’t until the couple purchased the TAB 320 Sofitel that her husband’s attitude toward camping changed. Now, said Debra, “I am happy to say my husband is the definition of a happy camper!”

Jenn Grover’s TAB 320-S, which she dubbed “Mattie Ross.”

Sold by design and features

For ambassador Jenn Grover, watching a YouTube video showcasing the 2021 TAB 320 was all it took to make the decision to move up from her older model TAB. Once she noted all the improvements, including the newly designed trim and exterior backend, and the modern clean look of the interior, she was sold. But it wasn’t just the looks, Jenn added. She also liked the streamlined plumbing provided by the Nautilus Water System, the increased storage, and the appliances, such as the more efficient DC-powered refrigerator. As Jenn said, “They have solved all of the pain points!”

Before purchasing a TAB, Jenn had been using a rooftop tent for two years, it was not a match made in heaven. Then, she said, when she saw the TAB complete with a bathroom.

“I was in love. The TAB is such a perfect combination of amazing design, high-quality craftsmanship, and components.”

The fact that her Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk was the perfect tow vehicle just added more weight to her decision. The TAB also allowed her to continue working while on the road, even throughout the pandemic, noting “it has really been a great escape from lockdown.”

The Family Aventura travels in their TAB 400.

Safer travels during the pandemic

When COVID hit, vacation plans for the Family Aventura were canceled — a tough call since the family loved to travel domestically and overseas. The best solution they found was to purchase a TAB and hit the road, said mom Jess.

“We wanted to find a way to have family adventures safely so that we could continue to create memories and explore new places. We also wanted to have our own bathroom and kitchen so the need to use public spaces would be minimal to none. And with our own personal space, the cost of hotel stays dropped dramatically!”

Even when visiting family, the TAB was called into action, since it allowed them to minimize their “potty runs” into the houses of their hosts. “One awesome thing about the TAB is that it is literally small enough to fit in between two houses but big enough to have everything a family needs (plus space for the dog!),” added Jess.

Searching for a compact choice

For the Chandlers, it was the size of the TAB 400 that made it an obvious choice.

“We had been researching travel trailers for several years, going to many RV shows and dealers and investigating many types of trailers,” said Andrea. “We wanted to keep it small, so as not to need a big truck to pull it. We gradually eliminated the other contenders until COVID inspired us to order our favorite — the TAB — which we had been considering for at least three years.”

The size also meant it could be towed by an SUV instead of a truck — in their case, their VW Tuareg TDI. The TAB also had two other attributes that their tent couldn’t provide, Andrea added: it was hard-sided, making it more weatherproof, and it had a bathroom!

Ambassador Andrew Chwalik loves how compact the TAG is, making it perfect for his and his wife’s minimalist lifestyle.

Supporting the “less is more” philosophy

For nuCamp ambassador Andrew Chwalik and his wife Rachel, the TAG fit their minimalist lifestyle.

“We wanted a camper that was compact and contained all the necessities for long trips. We didn’t want something with tons of space that we didn’t need. The TAG actually has more than enough storage space for us. It has everything we need and is the absolute perfect camper for us. With our TAG, we camp anywhere and everywhere! While it always is nice to stay at campgrounds for the hookups, we’re partial to boondocking. It’s just so much fun going out in the middle of nowhere to spend the night. You get less light pollution, can avoid people, and feel a part of nature. It’s such an awesome experience!”

Downsizing from a large pop-up

For 50 years, Archie and Shirley Wilkins were avid campers, enjoying vacations on the road with their children using a tent or pop-up camper. But the kids are gone and now it’s just the two of them, said Shirley. And their 18-year-old popup camper was oversized for the two of them, plus was starting to show signs of the canvas wearing out. Since they had no plans to stay at home — they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary with an across-the-country road trip!— they needed something that better suited their needs and desires. The choice was the 2017 TAB CS.

Shirley loves the outdoor kitchen setup: “The clamshell kitchen has everything right where we need it and where we live.” The other feature she likes is that she could get one without a bathroom, explaining, “Since we had never had a bathroom, don’t boondock and don’t intend to, we decided in such a small space the storage of a non-bathroom model would service us better. In five years, we have not changed our mind and believe the CS is the right choice for us.”

The Wilkins went on a 50-day trip to celebrate their 50th anniversary in their TAB CS.

Need more information to help you decide?

For more help, check out Choosing a towable camper—what to consider, TAG or TAB? and Planning Your Camper Budget.

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