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Why Millennials Camp

The first time I told my parents I was going on a camping trip with my friends, my mom hit me with a snarky reply, “Ha… that’s funny!” Believe it or not, the number of how many millennials camp has skyrocketed since previous years. I’ve always been the type of person to scoff at nature and instead, head up to Cleveland for a night of fun- which probably explains why my mom laughed when I first told her I was going camping. Think about it, though. Going out gets old (and expensive) pretty quickly and can you really appreciate the atmosphere in a club? Not really. Camping, however, makes you appreciate two things; life and nature.



Why Millennials Camp

Why Millennials Camp
A collection of photos I shot while hiking at Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Last year, more than one million households in America camped for the first time. More so, nearly half of them were between the ages of 18 and 35.. aka millennials. So, why is that? To be honest, the only reason I wanted to go camping was for the sole reason of making my Instagram followers envious of my adventure – I did it for the likes and the photos. Sad, right? Millennials are SO connected to the world that we often find it hard to put down our phones. It’s one thing to take a couple photos, but it’s another thing to miss out on nature’s beauty because we’re so obsessed with social media.

Why am I telling you this? It’s simple. In my opinion, millennials want to go camping for the Instagram and Snapchat posts; it’s what were used to and sometimes we don’t even realize how attached we are. However, because I was SO attached to my phone while I was camping, my battery died within the first 2 hours. With the battery dead, I was forced to appreciate nature and I am incredibly thankful for that. I quickly realized there is more to life than social media – the trees, sound of nature, waterfalls, wildlife, etc. – and it’s truly life changing. I learned to appreciate everything in life and it’s amazing.


Types of Ways Millennials Camp

If you want to camp, you don’t HAVE to pitch a tent, spark a fire and hunt for fish with a spear (although I’d recommend it at least once). There are a few different types of ways to camp and still appreciate everything around you.

  • Music festivals: My favorite. If you LOVE music and camping, go to a music festival. You’ll have the time of your life; the music is great, the people around you are greater, and you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Glamping: Short for “Glamorous Camping.” Glamping replaces your tent and fire with a bed and electricity. Don’t get me wrong, glamping is a great alternative for those who don’t want to pitch the tent and you still get the same experience. If you’re unsure if glamping is right for you, this article on our TAB Camper should help you decide.
  • Hiking: Maybe you don’t want to spend the night in the wilderness – that’s perfectly fine! Find a place near you (or embark on a road trip) and get out there! You’ll be amazed at the beauty that surrounds you.

I’m not telling you to shut off your phone and never look at it until you’re back home, but ignore social media while camping and see how much it changes your outlook on life. That’s it for me – time to plan a road trip and go on my next camping adventure!

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