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Cirrus Truck Camper Features: Cabover


If you’re in the market for a truck camper, there’s a good chance you’ve probably seen the Cirrus Truck Camper. Unlike other truck campers in the industry, the Cirrus is glitzy. It’s glamorous, tough, and durable. It’s a truck camper enthusiast’s dream. You get what you pay for… and that’s one heck-of-a truck camper. You may have heard that what is considered an option for most campers, the Cirrus Truck Camper comes with it in the standard, base package. In other words, it’s fully loaded. So – WHAT is in the Cirrus Truck Camper that makes it so special? In this mini-series, I’m going to dive into one particular area of the Cirrus 920 Truck Camper and highlight its [unique and awesome] features.

Cirrus Truck Camper: Cabover Features

Remember my last post when I said that BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner) was my favorite part of the day? Well… can you guess what my second favorite part of the day is? If you guessed sleeping, you’re right! That being said, it’s pretty obvious that I’m going to dive into the cabover features in the Cirrus Truck Camper.

  • Queen Bed
Cirrus Truck Camper Cabover Features
Queen Bed with Storage

Bet you never thought you could sleep in a queen bed on top of your truck, let alone be comfortable while doing it. The cabover features a 60″ by 80″ queen bed that allows you to get a good night’s rest before continuing on your next adventure. What makes this bed stick out from other truck camper beds is the FROLI Sleep System.

  • FROLI Sleep System

I’ve talked about this sleep system before because of a couple reasons; 1) it’s comfy and 2) it’s comfy. The FROLI Sleep system rests under your bed mattress and is made of highly flexible synthetic elements (the springs accommodate various angles and curves as your body moves). The system offers excellent comfort and suspension for an orthopedically correct night’s sleep.

  • LED Lights

    Cirrus Truck Camper Cabover Features
    LED Lights

Read whenever, wherever. With the LED Reading Lights in your cabover, you will have no problem reading in bed. Each light has the ability to turn a dim blue or a bright white. They’re pretty dope.

  • Storage Hampers and Cabinets

The Cirrus Truck Camper comes with two storage hampers and corner cabinets on each side of the bed. In simpler words, you have PLENTY of storage options. Nuff said.

  • Overhead Cabinetry and Headboard

You thought the storage hampers and cabinets were the only options for space in the cabover? Wrong. At nuCamp RV, we focus on innovation and design. That’s why when we were designing the bed in your truck camper, we built a headboard with storage compartments. Furthermore, we built overhead babinetry for more storage options. Worrying about not having enough space for your trip should be the last of your worries.

  • Tinted, Operational Side and Stargazer Windows

The Cirrus Truck Camper features a Tinted Stargazer Window that allows you to lay comfortably in bed and look up at the sky. It is almost as if you were laying on the ground outside, just now you are relaxing on a queen bed. It’s pretty cool.

Cirrus Truck Camper: Cabover – Because Sleep Matters

TL;DR: Once you spend the night in the cabover of the Cirrus Truck Camper, you’re not going to want to go back home. Cirrus Truck Campers have the comfiest beds in the industry.

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