RV Trends for 2017

For the first time in almost four decades, the RV industry is about to have its best year yet. As a result of low gasoline prices, cheaper RV’s and low unemployment rate, the RV industry is booming. Due to the sudden growth in the industry, you should keep an eye out for many new RV trends for 2017.

RV Trends for 2017: Millennials

Millennials love camping. They also love working (whether you want to believe it or not); I’m a millennial and we are taken for being lazy. While that’s not true, we do value a healthy work-life integration – which probably explains why the amount of people in the U.S. that work remotely is nearing 40%. Due to the production of smaller campers, lower gasoline prices, and the ability to work remotely, millennials are entering the RV market. What better way to have a healthy work-life integration than by purchasing a camper?


RV Trends for 2017: RV Technology

I think most of us can admit to being too attached to our phones and other electronic devices. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that there’s literally so much we can do and accomplish with them. Without question, it’s a no-brainer that companies have incorporated this technology into their RVs, campers, trailers, etc. RVs are becoming smarter than ever now. While most RVs are being built with a TV, radio and Bluetooth, some RVs are becoming “smart.” Through use of touchscreens, RVs can be controlled with just your finger. If you’ve seen campgrounds investing more money in WiFi and satellite TV, now you know why.

In addition to the “smart home” technology in RVs, French company, Beauer, is taking the RV industry to the next level. Coined as the 3X teardropper, their camper features a telescopic design that expands three times its size from just the push of a button.

RV Trends of 2017: Gear

Chances are if you’re riding around in an RV, you’re probably planning on doing some hiking. And chances are if you’re hiking, you probably want the best of the best when it comes to outdoor gear. If you’ve seen GoPro’s promotional video for their Karma Drone, it’s obvious that GoPro is shifting away from only focusing on the “action sports” demographic, to also targeting just about any other market that has a need for cameras. That being said, you can expect to see an increase in drone and action camera purchases from RV owners.

What I’m keeping an eye out for is Vibram’s Arctic Grip soles. Engineered for low temperature use, the Arctic Grip soles are designed to perform on wet ice; they grip so well it’s almost like walking on ice with metal spikes. However, these soles are exclusively available to just 6 Wolverine brands for the 2017 season (Wolverine, CAT, Sperry, Hush Puppies, Merrell, Saucony).

Believe it or not, hammocks are making a comeback. Forget about inflatable air mattresses and spending a few minutes blowing it up with a pump. Inflatable hammocks, such as the Air Nest, are a campers best friend. Due to their ease of use, transportation and comfortability, these hammocks are surely going to be a hit in 2017.

RV Trends of 2017: RV Aesthetics

It’s no surprise that consumers want modern designs for their RVs. They want something that’s aerodynamic, small, sleek and luxurious. Unless an RV is going for a vintage look, it’s probably safe to bet that most RVs you see in 2017 will have an ultra modern look. Take for example, nuCamp RV’s TAB 400. Because of its teardrop shape, it’s more aerodynamic than other RVs and still maintains its small and sleek appearance. Unlike any teardrop campers in the market, the TAB 400 is going to be one of the most popular campers this year.

The Bottom Line

Admit it. These RV trends for 2017 have you excited for what has yet to come. 2017 is no doubt going to be the biggest year for RVs and there’s no reason why you should miss out.

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