The nuCamp App

Start every adventure with the only mobile app specifically designed for nuCampers. Download the perfect accessory for your nuCamp Teardrop Trailer or Truck Camper!

The nuCamp community is all about building connections. Our active community of owners is what sets us apart from other RV manufacturers. Thats why we created uCamp:the App. Naming our new mobile app “uCamp” pays homage to our annual teardrop trailer rally where campers reunite with friends and make new ones along the way. We want to bring that feeling of comradery and community to you everywhere you go. With this app, uPlan, uShare, and uConnect.

Begin by planning your next nuCamp adventure within the app. While on that adventure, capture all the fun with the built-in journal feature.

Best of all, stay connected with the nuCamp community. View where your fellow nuCampers are on the map. Then reach out to them for a quick chat or make plans to camp together.

Plus, get access to support. View manuals, find nearby dealers, browse support articles, and much more.

See other nuCamp owners on the map and connect with one another via email or text.

Start your adventure by searching for places to travel; continue to add points of interest, and the App will plot your course.

Capture the moments that really matter and share them with friends and family.

Get easy access to documentation and the nuCamp Experience team all at your fingertips.

nuCamp App Features

Connect With nuCampers

Stay connected with the nuCamp community. You can now view where your fellow nuCampers are on the map and reach out to them for a quick chat or to make plans to camp together. By enabling the connect feature, you control how much info you want to share with other nuCampers - choose from just your name and avatar to which nuCamp product you own to how you want to get connected.

Plan Your nuCamp Adventures

Start planning your adventures by searching for places to travel. Add your starting location and your final destination, and the app will plot your route. Want to add a stop? You will be able to search and add exciting new places to trip at any time. By the end of the camping season, you'll be able to look back and see how many miles you traveled.

Journal Along the Way

Capture the moments that matter when using the journaling feature. Add pictures of your adventures and document your fun and exciting experiences. That way, you will always have those memories at your fingertips, ready to share with friends and family.

Easy Access to nuCamp Support

Rest assured that nuCamp is ready to help while on your adventure. Get access to product manuals, the nuCamp knowledge base, and FAQs within the app. Search for the nearest dealer. In addition, call or email one of our friendly Customer Experience team members with a touch of a button.

nuCamp Store

Shop for nuCamp branded apparel.

nuCamp Articles

Learn more about nuCamp, places worth visiting, our incredible community of campers, and so much more.