nuCamp RV Photo Challenge

Are you heading out on an adventure in one of our fantastic nuCamp products? Do you dream about being a published photographer? Then this challenge is for you!

Grab your camera and capture the nuCamp experience. We want to use YOUR photos of our products for literature, posters, webpage, social media, and more! You get the chance to influence the next wave of nuCampers.

Who Can Enter

Any nuCamp branded TAG, TAB, TAB 400 teardrop or Cirrus owner.

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Who Can Enter

Photos showcasing nuCamp products and/or people enjoying them.

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Who Can Enter

Please submit your photos by September 30, 2019

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You can enter up to a total of five (5) photos before September 30, 2019. nuCamp will select the best of the best in various categories, plus the best overall photo, and will notify those photographers that they have been chosen to represent just what being part of the nuCamp family is all about.

Who Can Enter
  • Best Overall Photo
  • Best TAG Photo
  • Best TAB Photo
  • Best TAB Clamshell Photo
  • Best TAB 400 Photo
  • Best Cirrus Photo


If photographing:

  • the tow vehicle and camper, the camper should be more prevalent than the tow vehicle.
  • the side of the unit, we prefer the door side.
  • people enjoying the nuCamp lifestyle, the unit can be in the background.
  • people in your photos? Make sure to get a model release.
Selection Announcement October 17, 2019

So grab your camera, get out there, and start shooting those amazing pictures. We can’t wait to see what you submit.

Happy nuCamping you shutterbug.

nuCamp Photo Challenge

The nuCamp

Photo Challenge Has Ended

Selection Announcement

October 17

Thanks to everyone who submitted images. We are currently going through each submission. Check back October 17 to see the top entries in each category.