A mover and a maker: that’s Aubrey Helmuth Miller, founder of Redbudsuds, a thoughtfully clean company that makes 4-in-1 shower bars for eco-minded adventurers.

Since leaving her childhood home in the Shenandoah Valley, Aubrey has been on the go. She’s spent months on end doing things that adventurers do: guiding wilderness canoe trips in the northwoods of Minnesota, teaching music in the sub-tropical forest of Bolivia, traveling all over the USA in search of rock-climbing destinations with her husband Clinton.

In 2014, when she moved to Ohio, she thought she would have to leave her adventure behind her. She quickly learned that a wild heart once awakened does not keep still.

Years spent wandering through woods, rivers and rocks made her realize that there’s more to life than mainstream society teaches us.

Aubrey has made it her mission to connect people with the outdoors and to each other. She needed a soap box so she started a soap company.

Redbudsuds all natural 4-in-1 shower bars are a physical reminder that having a positive impact on the environment doesn’t have to be complicated. Each bar is made with simple ingredients you can pronounce, and works as shampoo, conditioner, body soap and shaving cream all in one. It may be one small thing, but small drops make an ocean.

Aubrey is beyond excited to be partnering with nuCamp and taking her soap shop on the road this year in a cargo TAG teardrop trailer. The TAG fits Redbudsuds like a glove: it’s charming design exudes thoughtfulness, from its small size to quality construction.

For Aubrey, one of the most surprising things about nuCamp is that it brings her back to her Amish heritage. Her grandparents grew up Amish, and through the generations her family has maintained the values of simplicity, resourcefulness, and integrity. nuCamp is such a natural fit: they care about people over profits, quality over quantity. It shows.

“I’ll never forget what Scott (nuCamp CEO) told me when I met him: We Build People. I’m so happy to extend that to the people and places I will discover on the road. It may be just down the street or across the country. Wherever I find myself, I’ll be living into my dream, thoughtfully clean.”

Follow the Redbudsuds shop and Aubrey’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram @redbudsuds #thoughtfullyclean. To get your hands on some adventure-ready suds and shoofahs, visit www.redbudsuds.com.