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2023 Cirrus 620 updates

The Cirrus 620 joined the nuCamp family in December 2021 as the truck camper for a half-ton truck. The 620 strikes the balance between what you want and what you need.

The goal of the Cirrus 620 was to create a truck camper that didn’t force customers to choose between a lightweight truck camper and all the amenities they desire to camp comfortably. The 620 is built to the highest quality standards and features a modern interior with European influences. This truck camper includes a sink, stove, fridge, cassette toilet, solar, and a north-to-south queen-sized bed.

Loading the Cirrus 620 into your truck is an easy process. You do not need brackets, airbags, or additional equipment. It sits perfectly in your truck bed and comes equipped with a backup camera and Rieco Titan Electric Jacks.

There are minimal changes to our 2023 model year. New this year are charcoal sidewalls, which was an added option to our teardrop lineup in 2022. The new darker sidewalls give the Cirrus a sleek, modern look that is sure to stand out among other campers.

On the exterior, the Cirrus has a new entry door grab handle, and the baggage doors are hinged at the bottom instead of the top, making it easier to access the compartment without having to hold the door open.

Inside, the fridge has been upgraded from the Isotherm Cruise 65 to the Isotherm Cruise 130. The floor has also been upgraded from laminate flooring to TransCore floor panels.

For more information or to see a Cirrus 620 in person, reach out to your friendly local nuCamp dealer.

Note: Always verify the payload capacity of your truck with your vehicle dealer.

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