Behind the Scenes of uCamp: A Rally of Adventure and Comradery

Every June, around 200 teardrop trailers converge in Sugarcreek, OH — just miles from the nuCamp manufacturing facility — to camp together for a week.

This annual gathering, called the uCamp Teardrop Rally, is in its eighth year and draws nearly 400 people to the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. Though the event isn’t until June, its intricate planning commences months in advance, often kicking off as early as December.

This month, we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the uCamp. The 2024 rally will kick off on June 10, and our team is working hard to prepare for this major camping event.

Throughout the week of uCamp, volunteers serve food, drive golf cart shuttles, set up for events, and assist attendees.

A Team of Dedicated Volunteers

uCamp is fueled by a dedicated team of over 80 volunteers across all departments at nuCamp, from Customer Experience and Finance in the office to Line Support and CNC in production. At the helm of the uCamp Team is the Marketing Department, orchestrating everything from creating the event schedule to designing the guide to sending out communication emails to attendees.

Witnessing the synergy among nuCamp team members as they unite to ensure uCamp’s seamless operation is truly inspiring. Their unwavering commitment and infectious enthusiasm are the bedrock of the warm and inclusive environment that defines uCamp.

Spotlight on uCamp Team Members

Julie McComb (right) and her husband at uCamp in 2023. Julie is the marketing director and spearheads the event alongside her team.

While each volunteer contributes significantly to the success of uCamp, a few familiar faces emerge as pillars of this event.

The first correspondence of the year for uCamp, Samantha Ickes is the driving force behind its online presence, serving as the sole contact and social media queen. Her exceptional talent shines through in her ability to craft engaging and informative posts that resonate with the uCamp community. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, Samantha has successfully cultivated a vibrant online presence for uCamp, keeping followers informed, entertained, and connected every step of the way. Her dedication and skill in managing the social media platforms have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in uCamp’s success.

Nate Miller, a member of the Material Handling team, can often be seen around the grounds doing odd jobs. Winklepleck Grove is a primitive campground with very few amenities. Thanks to Nate and his small team of helpers, uCamp can offer water hookups to attendees through the temporary water system. 

His dedication extends far beyond the event itself, as he diligently preps the grounds beforehand, ensuring the stage is setup, power poles are functioning properly, and the shower trailers are ready to go. Throughout the week, Nate’s readiness to lend a hand embodies the spirit of uCamp. 

Tanner Guy is the network engineer at nuCamp. He volunteers throughout the week of uCamp, making announcements, taking photos and video, and emceeing the dinners.

Tanner Guy, Network Engineer, is another familiar face of uCamp, infusing the event with his vibrant energy and spirit. From providing music during dinners to delivering announcements with flair, Tanner’s presence elevates the festivities. As a proud owner of a Cirrus 920, Tanner also immerses himself in the camping experience, occasionally boondocking over at Glenhaven Cabin during the event and hanging out around the campfire with attendees.

We’d also like to shine a spotlight on our fearless leader, Julie McComb, the Marketing Director. The Marketing Department took over uCamp planning in 2021, and Julie has worked tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly. Her compassion and organization prowess have earned her the loving nickname “combobulator ” amongst her team, a testament to her ability to maintain order while fostering an atmosphere of fun and teamwork.

Marketing Manager Jill Nelson, along with Event Coordinator Brianna Heck, collaborate closely with Julie to meticulously oversee the efforts of each volunteer, ensuring every task is seamlessly fulfilled. Their kindness and dedication shine through, and they truly embody nuCamp’s core values — work hard, always do the right thing, service over self, and care genuinely.

All the visual elements you see are created by Karl Brockmeyer, the visual communicator, and his protégé Greg Schultz, junior graphic designer. From signs around the campground to graphics on social media posts to the welcome guide you receive during registration, Karl and Greg work to create visually appealing designs to elevate every aspect of uCamp.

Samantha (left) and Jill (right) are both members of the marketing team. Samantha is the social media specialist and handles uCamp communications. Jill is the marketing manager and is one of the pivotal planning members of uCamp.

A Gathering of Camping Enthusiasts

From novices to seasoned campers, uCamp draws in owners from across North America to participate in this five-day event. Attendees indulge in tech talks centered on nuCamp’s trio of teardrop trailers, delving into component intricacies and practical how-tos, including insights on the Nautilus Water Management System, the Alde, and troubleshooting common issues. It’s an invaluable opportunity for new owners to deepen their understanding of their trailers, drawing from the expertise of nuCamp technicians and seasoned owners eager to share their wealth of knowledge.

Other activities include the annual cornhole tournament, camper-led sessions diving into topics such as solo camping, group catered meals, and informative courses held by brands like Truma North America (Alde) and Battle Born.

The heart of the rally, however, lies in its attendees. If uCamp could be distilled down to a single word, it would be “comradery.” It’s a time to connect with nature, forge new friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

4 responses to “Behind the Scenes of uCamp: A Rally of Adventure and Comradery

  1. From Colorado to Ohio and Tennessee, this is the trip I most look forward to every year. Learning from pros and first timers, sharing tips and tricks to their camping rigs. This event makes all other trips during the year so much easier.

  2. Our 1st rally was uCamp22 and now we get to attend again. All the staff and volunteers from 2022 were amazing. They went above board to handle all the day to day functions even after the storm had blown through causing all kinds of disruptions. We can’t thank them enough for their enthusiasm and dedication to ensuring we are having a great time. So looking forward to this year and seeing everyone again. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so glad you had a great experience at uCamp in 2022. We try out best to ensure everyone has the best experience possible!

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