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Not Just for the Road: Alternative Uses for Your Teardrop

You’ve put a lot of time into choosing the options and accessories for your teardrop so it’s your ideal “home on wheels.” But what can you do with it when your journey is over and you’ve parked it on your premises?

Do you just tarp it and start planning for the next road trip?

Maybe. Or maybe it’s time to think of how else you can use your camper.

As a Home Office

If you’re a home-based entrepreneur with a family, there are probably times when the kids (or your significant other) interferes with your concentration. Never fear—your teardrop is here. Or rather, out there, just waiting for you to climb in, shut the door and get your work done in peace and quiet.

Of course, you’ll need the proper electrical hook-up unless you plan on working by daylight only and are prepared to do without an operational HVAC system. Check with an electrician for advice about connecting your camper to your home’s electrical system since it will need at least a 30/50 amp hookup.

Then, once you get your power needs satisfied, you’ll be in good shape to get your business back up and running, even if your office is standing still!

As a Man-Cave/She-Shed

All you want is a little privacy. A place to call your own, if only for a few hours. A hangout where you can watch sports or your favorite films uninterrupted, or entertain a few friends without any uninvited “guests”—kids or spouses!

Step out of your home and into your teardrop, and once the door is shut, you’re in your own little world. The great thing about using a teardrop as a man-cave/she-shed is that everything you need is already there: a bed to relax on, a table to eat at, and, depending on the size and configuration, a kitchen where you can prepare quick snacks. (What’s a hideout without any food?)

And once your thirst for alone-time has been slaked, just unhook your camper from the power grid, secure the door and head back into your home—refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for family life!

As a Guest Suite

You love your extended family. You really do. Your aunts, uncles and cousins, your in-laws, your adult kids and their kids. And when they call to say they’re coming to visit, you’re thrilled—until you realize that your house isn’t big enough for all those extra bodies.

That’s when you turn your teardrop into a guest suite. Hook it up to your house’s power grid and, depending on the set-up, you should have enough power to get by. (Note: See above tip about consulting with an electrician.)

As for your water needs, consider how much your fresh water tank holds and judge according. (The fresh water tank in nuCamp’s teardrops holds 11 gallons.) The same applies for the gray water and black water tanks. One overnight guest might not be a problem, but three teens for a week can definitely strain the systems. A good option is to let your guests use your home while you retire to your teardrop each night. Since you’re used to how the plumbing and HVAC operate, there’s less chance of any unintended issues or “surprises.”

These three ideas for using your teardrop might just spark a few others. What else can you do with your teardrop?

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