Meet Our Ambassador Jenn Grover

If you’ve been following our blog, you’re probably familiar with Jenn Grover. We featured Jenn in this post where she talked about her experience shifting from tent to TAB. In this post, we asked Jenn to share a little more about her background, her time on the road, and her role as a nuCamp Brand Ambassador.

Q: Let’s start with your interest in traveling. Tell us, Jenn, just what sparked your desire to hit the road?

A: I grew up in upstate New York, and while my family was a sports family, a music family, and even a political family, we were not a camping or a traveling family. I did have an aunt who traveled extensively, and she was an inspiration, but my desire to travel was probably born mostly out of a wish to photograph and see beautiful places. But I didn’t really start traveling until my late thirties.

nuCamp ambassador Jenn Grover named her TAB 320 Mattie Ross (Photo courtesy of Jenn Grover Photography)

I started as a part-time full-timer back in 2016, spending three months on the road. I was able to work remotely for three months from my TAB 320, but a serious issue of tendinitis in one of my feet from a bad ankle injury sent me home to Pittsburgh, PA, earlier than I had planned. By the time I was done with physical therapy, I had a job change that required me to be in the office more.

I enjoy working from my TAB and am hoping that the world of hybrid work affords me more opportunities to do that. I have been working from my TAB throughout the pandemic, and it has really been a great escape from lockdown. Even when I don’t work, I spend three to four weeks of vacation time every year traveling with my TAB and in the last twelve months, have spent 100 nights in my camper.

Q: Before you had a camper, you used a tent when you traveled. What prompted you to switch from a tent to TAB?

A: I had a rooftop tent for two years and while the tent got me started, I never loved it. When I saw the TAB, especially after nuCamp added the bathroom, I was in love. The TAB is such a perfect combination of amazing design, high-quality craftsmanship, and components. nuCamp has unparalleled customer service. It is really hard to meet practical needs while not compromising style. The TAB isn’t just adorable—it really makes sense for me as a camper, too. And my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is the perfect tow vehicle.

Q: In addition to your full-time career, you also do landscape photography. Does traveling with a camper make it easier for you to get the images you want?

A: Absolutely! Back in 2011, when I was still staying in hotels, I had a near-miss with a large elk at around 4 a.m. on my way to get some sunrise shots. I then decided that I needed to camp so that I wasn’t doing as much driving to make it to locations for those early-morning images I wanted to capture. The TAB makes it very feasible to camp in beautiful locations. I love that everything is consistent while I travel and that I am not hauling things to a hotel room at every stop.

Q: What is your process when you decide where you want to go?

A: Usually I try to determine what I want to photograph and plan my trip around that. But I do have to make adjustments for things like unexpected weather, pandemic border closures, and to avoid wildfire smoke at times.

For example, one memorable weather-related experience I had was in 2019. I took a trip to Wyoming, Montana, and to Banff and Jasper in Canada and encountered two different blizzards on that trip. My brother and his wife along with their daughter and her boyfriend were all traveling with me and seeing the volume of snow in Montana (5 feet) was simply stunning. The weather caused us to adjust our plans after we were already on the road, but we had an amazing trip and the power of nature on the plains is simply breathtaking.

As for where I stay, it’s a pretty good mix—sometimes I boondock and other times I stay at RV parks or public campgrounds. It really depends on where I am going. I love to boondock, but the pandemic has made that harder than it was before. Last year, I stayed at a lot more RV parks than I prefer, primarily because public campgrounds and boondocking sites had no vacancies.

I recently had to cancel my 2021 plans because the Canadian border is still closed and access to some of the areas I wanted to visit at Glacier National Park won’t be available, so I am retooling my plans. But it looks like I might be bringing along a fellow new TAB owner and teaching her to boondock. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel!

I’m also using my TAB to visit friends and family Two of my brothers even installed 30-amp RV electric outlets for me at their homes! My TAB has served as a rolling hotel room for events like weddings, graduations, and other things. I love that my TAB is so versatile!

As for my bucket list of destinations, eventually I would really like to see the Aurora Borealis someday, and maybe Alaska, but I am not a “visit every state or every National Park” type of person.

Q: Your traveling companion is Rocky, a Shih Tzu. Any special tips on traveling with a pet?

Rock sits outside of Maddie Ross, Jenn’s TAB 320 (Photo courtesy of Jenn Grover Photography)

A: Yes, Rocky has been traveling with me since 2016. I think making sure that the trip will be enjoyable for the dog and not just you is really important. There have been times I have left Rocky at home because he would have had to have spent too long inside of the TAB.

I also recommend putting in the hours, and money if needed, to really training your pet. An untrained dog can be a danger to the pet himself or others at a campground. You also don’t want your pet to compromise your campground neighbor’s peace and quiet, either.

Q: When did you become a nuCamp Brand Ambassador and why did you become one?

A: I became an ambassador last February. It was really a no-brainer for me because I love the brand and the people so much. The culture at nuCamp aligns so well with my own values and I have been a huge fan of the product for years. I also love engaging with the community, so it seemed like a natural fit.

What are your top five travel tips for those new to being on the road?

  1. Try everything out before you hit the road.
  2. Be prepared to problem-solve and expect something to go wrong, but have a positive outlook when it does.
  3. Be aware of the weather and other risks (like wildlife) in the area that you are visiting.
  4. Document your trip – whether it’s photos, video, journaling, or blogging. You will probably refer back to those details more than you think.
  5. Enjoy!

We are always looking for people to share their nuCamping experience! If you’d like to be part of our “Share Your Adventure” feature on our website, click the link for details on how to send us your photos, videos, or links.

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