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AVIA Affection—Why Two Couples Made the Switch

Some RV-ers prefer the petite size of the TAB and TAG. And that’s okay—you know the saying: “Good things come in small packages.” But other campers need a few more square feet when they are on the road or want a camper that’s a little more family-size. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to check out the AVIA (äh-vee-uh) Travel Trailer—one of our newest additions to the nuCamp family! 

At 28 feet, it’s the biggest of our trailers, with the kind of style and amenities not normally associated with campers. And while we happen to think the AVIA is the most stylish camper on the road, we might be just a little biased! So we decided to reach out to two new AVIA owners to ask them why they chose our new camper for their road-tripping RV adventures. 

Tom Zibinski and Nancy Lauby

Tom Zibinski with His AVIA

Tom Zibinski and his wife Nancy Lauby bought their AVIA after looking at many trailers at the Hershey PA RV show. What were some of the factors that tipped the scales in the AVIA’s favor?

“The European styling inside, kind of sailboat-like, appealed to us as did the innovative screens and shades, and a large amount of well-designed, large windows,” said Tom—the latter, he noted, making the interior more light-filled than many of those trailers and motorhomes owned by friends. This aspect was particularly appealing to the couple, since, as Tom explained, “We were coming from 20-plus years of using a good-sized pop-up which was windows all around.”

Given that they prefer boondocking over staying at conventional campgrounds with hook-ups, the couple valued the solar panels as well as the refrigerator that could run on propane, battery or shore-line power. The expansive interior storage also got high marks, along with the power stabilizers, hitch controller and awning that Tom said made it “a cinch to set up at arrival and get going in the morning—something that makes a tent-trailer awful for day-to-day traveling.”

Tom especially appreciated the technology and design during their first two weeklong boondocking trips. “The lighting inside and out is exceptional,” he said. “Being a music fan, the extensive stereo system inside and out was a big hit with me.”

Initially, Tom admitted that they were a little concerned about buying one of the first of a new model, “but we had a lot of confidence in the dealership we would be using: the small but very capable Miller Trailer Sales in Perkasie, PA which sells exclusively nuCamp.”

While Tom noted there were some issues—“some related to our never having a travel trailer before, especially one with so much electrical stuff and systems,” he explained—he praised the dealership for its help and support in correcting any items that needed to be addressed. 

“I never thought this would come from me but there is a real beauty to the thing,” Tom said. “I had always thought travel trailers were just utilitarian aluminum boxes. Overall, the AVIA just has a high-end feel to it.”

Charles and Mary Cagle

Mary and Chuck Cagle with their AVIA

Like Tom and his wife Nancy, Charles and Mary Cagle also did a fair bit of trailer-shopping before they settled on the AVIA. As Charles explained, “Quality and comfort were the major factors in our decision-making,” and when they entered the AVIA traveler, they found both in abundance.

“The stylish craftsmanship inside and out, the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing and the brilliant and innovative comfortable interior arrangements and design all combined for us to make a quick decision to purchase an AVIA trailer,” said Mary. “Our elegant ‘hotel suite on wheels’ made our travels comfortable and fun. nuCamp’s AVIA body design is so distinctive that it drew attention from many people throughout our travels.”

After a short delay while they waited for new axles to be installed, the couple headed out on the road for a three-month journey, pulling the AVIA with their new 2018 Ram 1500 Eco-Diesel 4×4. And while they did have to go back to the factory after what Charles referred to as “an unfortunate accident with a ditch and a tree stump,” even that return visit received high praise from him for the fast personal attention that they received.

“We never have had such excellent customer service and friendly employee relationships with any company with which we have done business,” said Charles, applauding the nuCamp team for providing clear and helpful answers to any questions or problems as well as taking exceptional pride in their workmanship. “nuCamp builds excellent, high-quality trailers along with having the finest quality of customer service with people who really care about their products and their customers who use those products.”

Like any new parents, the Cagles were more than willing to show off their new “baby” to other RV-ers they met along the way. They provided tours of the AVIA as they journeyed from Ohio to their home in San Francisco, with stops in New England, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah and Oregon. 

“We pulled our AVIA for more than 11,000 miles on our nearly three-month adventure,” said Charles, “and arrived home with memories we will never forget!”

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