Barefoot in the Wild

Embarking on separate adventures, two incredible women both named Amy found themselves on a new journey in the Barefoot.

The Barefoot, originally created in the UK, is the newest member of the nuCamp lineup. It debuted at the Hershey RV Show in 2019 and officially went to the market in December 2022. Featuring a curvy fiberglass shell and a retro-inspired design, the Barefoot stands out amongst nuCamp’s other towable trailers.

But what was it about the Barefoot camper that spoke to Amy Haas, of New Hampshire, and Amy Keng, of Texas?

Amy Haas relaxes with a book in her Barefoot camper with her two dogs.

Starting a new journey

For Haas, it was an unexpected twist in her life’s journey – a breast cancer diagnosis in 2022 – that set her on a new path. She fondly recalled her TAG XL, a trusted companion since 2020, yet sought a camper that could embrace her evolving needs.

Amy Haas enjoys camping with her two dogs. Haas, who previously owned a TAG, said it is easier to camp with dogs in the Barefoot.

“I started thinking about what amenities I might like if I ever was less able to do things like crawl into a little door or pee in the woods, and then the Barefoot literally appeared in my Facebook feed,” Haas said, who is a lifelong camper.

While she loved cooking outside with her TAG, the upgrade of an interior kitchen with a fridge was a draw toward the Barefoot. Having a bathroom and the ability to take a hot shower was another plus.

The Barefoot, lovingly dubbed “Eggy,” was also kinder to her senior Labrador. With the TAG, Haas needed to assist her 70-pound fur-friend inside. The tantalizing promise of warmth from the Alde heat vent at her toes as she stepped out of bed each morning added to the camper’s charm.

Reflecting on her transition from TAG to Barefoot, Haas mused, “In the end, the TAG brought me to the Barefoot because when you face an uncertainty like cancer, one could adopt a perspective of ‘life is short, just do it’ and take the plunge. My only regret is that my cute little TAG has not yet found another home. It’s breaking my heart that it hasn’t sold. It needs to be out on adventures, not sitting on a lot with a sign on it!”

Amy Keng poses with her new Barefoot camper.

Going Barefoot

Meanwhile, across the expanse of Texas, Amy Keng’s journey unfolded with distinct purpose. Her choice to embrace the Barefoot came down to it being the right size for her and her 6’1″ husband.

Keng first learned about nuCamp and their quality campers through Mandy and Kendrick. She even volunteers for some of the rallies put on by the nuCamp TAB 400 ambassadors.

Amy Keng’s Barefoot set up.

“After watching Mandy’s video walkthrough of the Barefoot so many times, I was convinced it was the right camper for us and put down a deposit on a Barefoot in August 2022 with Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, Texas,” Keng explained.

Keng and her husband previously traveled in a 37-foot diesel pusher, which the couple found too large. It was “not ideal for sightseeing, unwieldy to drive, and, of course, not fuel-efficient,” she explained. They also traveled in a Trasnsit 250 cargo van/camper, which is great for one person but too snug for two and not quite tall enough for Greg.

With the Barefoot, Keng found a perfect balance. Its nearly 17-foot length feels spacious with its bright interior and conscious layout. Keng’s only hesitation was towing the unit. However, she quickly overcame her fears.

“Even without a stabilizer, it didn’t feel like I was towing anything, and I didn’t notice much of a drop in mpg,” Keng said, who was new to towing. “I barely feel it back there when driving!”

Yonder, as Keng lovingly named her camper, embarked on her maiden voyage to the Smoky Mountain nuCamp Rally. It marked a triumph for both owner and camper. Reflecting on their return, Keng shared, “It was a success for both of us. And at the end of the trip, it was so easy to unhitch and just hand-push little Yonder into her storage stall.”

Making the Barefoot their own

Both women have enjoyed their adventures thus far in their Barefoot. Like many other nuCamp owners, they modified the unit to suit their needs better.

Though Haas noted the Barefoot was “pretty dang good out of the box,” she made a few adjustments to “Eggy.” As someone with an engineer mindset, Haas is always looking at how she can tweak things.

“That’s half the fun!” she exclaimed, adding, “Tinkering is a hobby.”

Haas upgraded her Barefoot to a lithium battery. New to the 2024 Barefoot, this model now comes standard with a 100 Amp-Hr BattleBorn Lithium Battery.

She added a magnetic, motion-sensor LED light under the kitchen cabinets, swapped the bathroom faucet for a bigger showerhead, and installed an on/off toggle to save water while showering rather than having a continuous stream.

Amy Keng modified her Barefoot camper to accommodate two twin beds.

The Barefoot’s dinette can easily be transformed into a bed by removing the Lagun table, pulling out the wooden slats, and laying the cushions flat. There is a storage area in the wardrobe for the Lagun table. A twin bed setup, however, was more ideal for Keng. She decided to make her own twin mattress to fit into the Barefoot, leaving the cushions behind.

She also added blackout curtains and a grab handle to make stepping inside the unit easier.

“Yonder is the perfect camper for us and is pure magic in such a small footprint,” Keng said. “I’m so happy she’s ours. Love her!”

Though separated by miles, these two Amys found a new adventure with the Barefoot. As two of the first to own a Barefoot in the United States, we look forward to following their future travels.

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