Camping Apps: Health and Wellness

Looking for some health and wellness apps to keep you in tip-top shape while you’re on the road? We created a list of apps that can give you the information you need for you and your traveling companions—even your four-footed ones! We included a few benefits based on reviews from the app stores.



(The United States Environmental Protection Agency) — EPA’s AirNow mobile app provides a simple interface for quickly checking current and forecasted air quality information, including the current AQI (Air Quality Index), the Fire and Smoke Map, and the AirNow Interactive Map, which shows ozone and particulate matter from air quality monitors across the country.
Benefits: You can choose the information for your area as well as any other destinations and store multiple areas for quick reference. Updates to EPA’s AirNow App increase public access to information about air quality all year, including during wildfires.
Reviews: Apple 3.0 stars, 326 Ratings | GooglePlay 3.3 stars, 487 Ratings
Pricing: Free

Allergy Plus

( — Based on, an industry-leading allergy forecasting website for the last 20 years, Allergy Plus provides location-specific, real-time allergy information at your fingertips. See a 5-day allergy and weather forecast side by side and share forecasts easily with your friends and family.
Benefits: You can get the latest allergy, air quality, and weather forecasts across multiple locations and receive notifications on forecasted allergy level changes in as many locations as you need. Review in-depth information on impactful allergens in your area. Completely synced with for the most accurate and up-to-date allergy information available
Reviews: Apple 4.7 stars, 407 Ratings | GooglePlay 4 stars, 48 Ratings
Pricing: Free

EPA’s SunWise UV Index)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) — The EPA’s SunWise UV Index provides a daily and hourly forecast of the expected intensity of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, as well as sun safety tips, to help you plan your outdoor activities. The UV Index is brought to you by EPA, the National Weather Service, and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Reviews: Apple 3.1 stars, 577 Ratings | GooglePlay 3 stars, 271 Ratings
Pricing: Free

IQAir AirVisual

(IQAir AG) — The app provides real-time and forecasted air pollution and weather data for more than 10,000 cities around the world. It offers relevant information for sensitive groups with asthma or other respiratory (pulmonary) diseases.
Benefits: Pollution and weather forecasts information to help you plan your outdoor activities. Includes temperature, humidity, current conditions and forecast weather information. Monitors of 6 Key Pollutants: track real-time concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide.
Reviews: Apple 4.8 stars, 31.4K Ratings | GooglePlay 4.8 Stars, 232,310 Ratings
Pricing: Free

My Pollen Forecast — Allergies Pollen Map & Allergy Tracker

(JRustonApps B.V.) — The app tracks pollen count and allergens and enables users to monitor symptoms over time. This version is ad-supported and is similar to apps such as WebMD Allergy and Note: The app currently only supports the contiguous US and the UK.
Benefits: Shows a map where you can see which areas have the highest pollen count. Two-day pollen forecast including temperature, wind, and humidity.
Reviews: Apple 4.6 stars, 14K Ratings
Pricing: Free

Plume Labs: Air Quality App

(Plume Labs) — The app provides real-time pollution levels in your area and around the globe. Get live street-by-street pollution maps for the world’s major urban areas and detailed information about how air quality will evolve over the next 72 hours.
Benefits: App works all over the world, using a worldwide air quality forecasting system using a wide variety of data sources, including satellite imagery, atmospheric simulations, traffic, and emissions datasets.
Reviews: Apple 4.7, 8.4K Ratings | GooglePlay 4 stars, 11,727 Ratings
Pricing: Free


Allergy Eats

(AllergyEats LLC) — Trusted by food-allergic diners since 2010, AllergyEats is the leading guide to allergy-friendly restaurants in the U.S. Free and easy-to-use, AllergyEats provides valuable peer-based ratings reflecting how well (or poorly) restaurants accommodate food-allergic guests.
Benefits: Discover allergy-friendly restaurants at home, on vacation, or on the road — anywhere in the U.S. Customize your search results for major allergens and dietary restrictions and view proprietary “allergy-friendliness” restaurant ratings. Read restaurant reviews from other food-allergic diners. Access the menus of over 400,000 restaurants, as well as the allergy menus for some as well.
Ratings: Apple 4.6 stars, 401 Ratings | GooglePlay 4 stars, 206 Ratings
Pricing: Free

Vegan Food Near You

(HappyCo‪w) — Since 1999, HappyCow has helped users find vegan options at 135,000+ restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in 180+ countries. Now it’s easy to find vegan food delivery nearby or get takeout. Read 750,000+ reviews and see 900,000+ photos posted by our awesome community! With HappyCow, you can search for vegan-friendly bakeries, health food stores, catering, farmers markets, juice bars, coffee shops, or other types of vegan businesses and use filters for delivery and takeaway!
Benefits: Filter by Vegan, Delivery, Take-out, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, cuisine types, and more. Easily search near you, or nearby an address (perfect for planning a trip!) Order food for delivery and takeaway via an easy link (within the USA)
Ratings: Apple 4.9 stars, 22.3K Ratings | GooglePlay 5 stars, 6,643 Ratings
Pricing: Free


Doctor On Demand

(Doctor On Demand, Inc) — Connect face to face with a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist through video on your iPhone or iPad. Doctor On Demand works with or without insurance and is available at reduced rates through many major health plans and large employers. You’ll always see your cost upfront and won’t receive a surprise bill after your visit. Doctor On Demand’s providers are licensed, board-certified and US-based, with experience across many specialties.
Benefits: You can chat virtually through video with a doctor 365 days a year–weekends and holidays included. Services are available with and without insurance. This service is available nationwide, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Ratings: Apple 4.9 stars, 103K Ratings | GooglePlay 5 stars, 51,217 Ratings
Pricing: Free

EMNet findERnow

(Massachusetts General Hospital) — The findERnow app will locate the closest ER in the U.S. with just one click by using the most comprehensive national database available. EMNet findERnow is ideal for travelers, especially those suffering from chronic medical conditions, or those traveling with friends or relatives with health problems.
Benefits: You can select the closest ER or another nearby ER in a map or list format and can locate the closest ERs by driving time or by distance. Once you select an ER, you have 1-click access to directions to the ER and additional information about annual ER visit volume and whether the hospital has a verified adult trauma or adult burn center. You can also quickly see if ERs are more likely to be prepared to provide emergency care for children, as these ERs are marked with a dark blue baby icon.
Ratings: Apple 4.1 stars, 29 Ratings | GooglePlay 4 stars, 13 Ratings
Pricing: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

First Aid: American Red Cross

(American Red Cross) — The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Get the app and be prepared for what life brings. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know first aid. Interactive quizzes allow you to earn badges that you can share with your friends and show off your lifesaving knowledge.
Benefits: Easy to use Spanish language toggle to switch translation directly inside the app. Fully integrated with 9-1-1 so you can call EMS from the app at any time. Safety tips for everything, from severe winter weather to hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes help you prepare for emergencies. Preloaded content means you have instant access to all safety information at any time, even without reception or an Internet connection.
Ratings: Apple 4.3 stars, 257 Ratings | GooglePlay 4.4 stars, 828 Ratings
Pricing: Free


(MDLIVE, Inc.) — Have an MDLIVE virtual doctor visit with board-certified physicians from the comfort and convenience of your own home or from wherever you are, whenever you want — nights, after hours, weekends and holidays. MDLIVE also offers behavioral health appointments with licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists as well as dermatology services.
Benefits: You can schedule an appointment at a time and day that’s convenient for you or have an on-demand visit in around 15 minutes. All MDLIVE doctors are board-certified and state-licensed, with an average of 15+ years of experience. MDLIVE has two National Committee for Quality Assurance certifications and is accredited by the American Telemedicine Association.
Ratings: Apple 4.7 stars, 53.8K Ratings | GooglePlay 4.7 stars, 6,657 Ratings
Pricing: Free


(Jan Markowski) — The SmartICE application has information about the user’s health condition, medicine intake, the contacts of trusted loved ones, and personal data. Using the SmartICE application, the rescuer can read the personal data contained on the ICE band, ICE card, ICE key ring, or ICE patch. These devices are very useful in emergency situations where first aid is needed; especially when a user is unresponsive or has lost consciousness.
Benefits: The SmartICE application does not use the user’s internet, which makes personal data completely safe. After closing the application, the user’s personal data is permanently removed from the user’s device
Ratings: Apple 2.0 stars, 4 Ratings | GooglePlay 4.1 stars, 26 Ratings
Pricing: Free


(Teladoc) — Teladoc® connects you with a board-certified doctor 24/7/365 through the convenience of phone or video visits. Within minutes, a doctor will contact you ready to listen, and resolve your issue. If medically necessary a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.
Benefits: Teladoc is a service provided to you as a benefit through your employer, health insurance or other organization. If you aren’t eligible for Teladoc through insurance or your employer, you can still access select Teladoc services at a flat rate per visit.
Ratings: Apple 4.8 stars, 343K Ratings | GooglePlay 4.5 stars, 46,931 Ratings


Pet First Aid: American Red Cross

(American Red Cross) — The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes, and simple step-by-step advice, it’s never been easier to know Pet First Aid.
Benefits: Convenient toggle between cat and dog content. Prepare and protect your pet’s health with advice on administering medication, time to say goodbye, behavioral help and how to act in a disaster situation. Early warning sign checker for preventive care. Programmable veterinary contact number to be available when needed throughout the app. Learn first aid steps for over 25 common pet situations through a combination of text, video and images, in addition to identifying common toxic substances. Locate your nearest emergency vet hospital or pet-friendly hotels. Customize multiple pet profiles and set veterinary appointments.
Ratings:  Apple 4.4 stars, 44 Ratings | GooglePlay 4.6 tars, 967 Ratings

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