Get ready to rally!

To say that Mandy Lea and Kendrick Callaway are into rallies would be putting it mildly. Not only do the two of them attend rallies, they also host two rallies of their own for nuCamp owners: TABorado that took place this past July and in Palisade, Colorado, and Terlingua TAB Rally that runs from October 28 to November 1 in Terlingua, Texas.

The nuCamp ambassadors are looking to do four rallies in 2022 with the potential to add more in the future.

As much fun as the rallies can be to attend, however, there’s a lot of work involved in planning one. Mandy and Kendrick handle the reservations, locations, things to do, signage, schedules, entertainment, food, etc. when planning an upcoming rally. With all the details — both big and small — ironed out ahead of time, all the attendees have to do is show up and have fun!

“It feels a little like planning a wedding… months of planning for an event that goes so fast!” Mandy said.

TABorado was the first rally nuCamp ambassadors Mandy and Kendrick hosted in Palisade, Colorado. The event was a hit with 180 people attending. Terlingua TAB Rally is the next gathering at the end of October. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea)

The nuCamp Community

These two 2021 rallies were held in addition to uCamp, an annual teardrop trailer rally hosted by nuCamp in Sugarcreek, Ohio near the manufacturing facility. Because the event is always held close to the factory, it can be difficult for those on the west coast to attend due to distance. The event also sells out quickly with 180 Winklepleck campsites selling out within three hours. Having additional rallies gives more people the opportunity to take part in the fun.

Some groups and individuals do small gatherings throughout the year, which nuCamp loves to see! It’s amazing anytime nuCamp sees its community of owners getting together. The rallies hosted by Mandy and Kendrick are sponsored by nuCamp and, unlike some of the informal gatherings, will have nuCamp employees there to mingle with owners.

Attendees had the option to participate in a cornhole tournament at TABorado. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea)

“Let’s be honest,” said Mandy. “Seeing our nuCamp family only once a year is not enough! We saw a need and desire to have more unified and organized gatherings throughout the year. Because we love this community, it really became a passion project. The nuCamp family has helped me grow in so many ways, and we hope to facilitate that experience for others as well.”

As for the name, Mandy noted that while it may be called a TAB rally, it’s really a rally for the entire nuCamp family, adding, “No matter what nuCamp product you might own, you are part of the family and welcome to attend. It’s the unexpected and welcome benefit of buying a nuCamp trailer. When you buy a trailer, you think that’s all you’re getting. What you don’t realize is that it comes filled with friends and unimaginable support!”

The support continues even after the rallies have ended, she pointed out. “The nuCamp community is one of the most helpful and supportive that we have ever met. If you are new to camping, there is no question you cannot ask! From beginner questions to more advanced technical questions—if you post any worry in a Facebook group or forum, you will get wonderful answers! There is also a lot of support of the lifestyle. People will encourage you and give you strength to get out and live the life you want.”

As for those who have never attended a rally, Mandy noted that a lot of people think rallies aren’t for them, “and that’s okay. But we encourage everyone to try at least one. You can be as social or anti-social as you want. We try to make it easy for people to socialize and meet each other, but at the same time, every event is optional in case you want to go out and explore! But we guarantee that at these rallies you will meet like-minded people and find new life-long friends.”

TABorado attendees entertain the other guests with music before dinner one evening. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea)

Preparing for rallies

When it came to choosing the locations, Mandy said their first priority had to do with spreading out the new rallies and choosing a variety of landscapes. There’s something to appeal to everyone!

“We realized that not everyone can make it all the way to Ohio each year for the awesome uCamp event,” Mandy said. “Our next priority is choosing beautiful places where there are a lot of things to do!”

The upcoming Terlingua Rally is minutes from the entrance to Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park. Not only does the area have gorgeous scenery, but it also has lots of hiking trails to choose from.

Rallies such as Terlingua and the nuCamp signature event offer a lot of fun and education for campers, both those who are new to the trailer life and those who have been doing it for years. Every rally will be a little bit different, but there will always be good food, games, group hikes, tech talks with nuCamp team members, group talks, awards, and more.

Big Bend National Park (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea)

Looking to future rallies

In addition to the upcoming Terlingua TAB Rally, Mandy and Kendrick have three rallies planned for 2022: TABazona (at the Verde Ranch RV Resort in Camp Verde, Arizona), the Smoky Mountain TAB Rally (at the Little Arrow RV Resort in Townsend, Tennessee), and TABorado (at the Palisade Basecamp RV Resort in Palisade, Colorado), with all dates on the website. Currently, registration is open for Terlingua and TABazona, with registration for the Smokies and Colorado opening soon. Full schedules for each event will be posted closer to the rally date.

“We hope to add two more—one on each coast, east and west—in the near future. Since we are growing our rally series over the country, we’ve put together a really slick site with information about them all,” said Mandy. “Just visit where you can find all of the information regarding price, registration, and dates for upcoming rallies. And be sure to join our Facebook group!”

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