Looking back at uCamp21

When I started at nuCamp in January, I heard plenty of stories about uCamp and how much fun it is to interact with nuCamp owners.

I heard of the monsoon that hit Sugarcreek in 2019, creating a (temporary) sixth Great Lake. I heard tales of Hawaiian shirts and practical jokes. I knew people’s names before meeting them and couldn’t wait to put a face to the name. Getting to see uCamp firsthand was an amazing experience, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to connect with nuCamp owners across the country.

Campers gather around a fire after a day at uCamp. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea Photo)

Making connections

Samantha and Christine working at the pavilion during uCamp registration. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea Photo)

uCamp21 was our fifth annual teardrop trailer rally, including the virtual gathering in 2020. It was evident that everyone was so excited to be able to get together once again. As our slogan for the year said, we are better together! Everyone was so friendly, and even as a newcomer, I instantly felt like part of the family.

Whenever I see a nuCamp product “out in the wild,” it is such an exciting feeling. I am proud of the company where I work. Their values and how they treat their employees are unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard. And to see that many of our teardrops in one place was incredible! I loved walking around and looking at the different awnings, graphics, and tents each camper had. Also, it was awesome to see how nuCamp owners made their trailers their own by adding personal touches.

We had 211 campers attend, including 29 TAGs, 62 TAB 400s, and a whopping 112 TAB 320s. More than 30 states were represented, with some people traveling thousands of miles to be a part of our rally.

Joe Mullet, the founder of nuCamp, addresses uCamp attendees during dinner at uCamp. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea Photo)

Making memories

There were several events at uCamp, including Q&A sessions led by nuCamp techs. This year, we split those Q&A sessions based on the model, which we found worked well. There was also an owners-led session, a solo travels talk, and our uCampers had the opportunity to meet our ambassadors as well. Many of the uCampers I talked to said they love being immersed in the culture and learning new things about their campers — both from nuCamp team members and veteran nuCamp owners!

Campers enjoy a fire after a fun day at uCamp. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Lea Photo)

The food was delicious and abundant in short. Who doesn’t love an Amish-made donut the size of their head? I’m lucky enough to work two minutes from their shop. But if you’re ever traveling in the Sugarcreek area, you must stop! Wine and Cheese night kicked off the week on a high note with lots of laughter and new friendships made. The Amish Wedding Dinner was a great addition with salad, chicken, green beans, brown butter mashed potatoes, noodles, and terrific homemade desserts. Food Truck Friday was also a fun night with everyone gathering for one last hurrah of pizza, BBQ, music, and awards.

A few uCampers said it felt like summer camp for adults with group outings to places like the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock in the downtown area of the Village of Sugarcreek and crafts, including rock painting and string art, and wood burning. The Tuscarawas/Holmes County area is also a beautiful area to explore with rolling hills, trails, local eateries, and wineries.

There were some long workdays during uCamp, but it didn’t feel like work. I met so many new people and made some friends I hope to see again next year. When I applied to be the Social Media Specialist, I heard in a video the CEO Scott Hubble say, “When you purchase a nuCamp trailer, you get more than a camper. You become part of the nuCamp family.” During my six months at nuCamp and my experience at uCamp, I have found that to be true.

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Samantha is the Social Media and Video Specialist at nuCamp.

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