What’s new at nuCamp—Upgrades to our TAB Teardrop Camper Line

If you’re a TAB fan, we’ve given you even more reasons to love that line with new options and design improvements. Let’s begin with what updates are shared by the TAB 320 and TAB 400 models. As for the looks of our TABs, we now offer three new trim colors—steel gray, cobalt blue, and harvest red—in addition to our bright white and jet black.

Both models now feature the Nautilus water management system with a custom marine-style SeaFlow baggage door complete with a black tank rinse to make cleaning a little easier. This system makes all those water-related tasks easier to manage!

We’ve also changed out the smaller plastic LP/battery storage tub for a larger diamond-plated one that can hold multiple propane tanks or battery setups. And inside, you’ll appreciate the upgrade to our glass-top stove: a push-button ignition! (No need for matches!)

TAB 320-S and 320C-S Teardrop Camper

First, the biggest change: all our new TAB 320s now have a wet bath, complete with a cassette toilet (aka a cartridge toilet), sink, and shower. In case the cassette toilet is a new concept for you, the biggest selling feature is the ease of emptying it. Just remove the portable 5-gallon black tank via the exterior access door, pull up the suitcase-style handle and wheel it to a public restroom or the dump station for emptying it. Easy-peasy! We’ve also increased the freshwater tank capacity to 19 gallons and the gray water tank to 18 gallons. 

Now let’s check out all the other updates, starting on the outside. We’ve changed our roof trim to make it a single piece with an embedded awning rail and added more robust, functional jacks, moved the spare tire to the front, and added an external LP connection. We’ve also given you three new vinyl graphics to choose from: Classic (the traditional TAB design), Aspire (similar to the TAB 400 graphics), and Ridge (a mountain landscape).

Now let’s take a peek inside where you’ll find even more updates. In the TAB 320-S, we’ve added a larger, deeper sink with a high-rise faucet, a 12-volt marine refrigerator with an icebox, and an option for a 0.7 cubic foot microwave. The outdoor kitchen in the TAB 320 CS-S also features the same updates, just in the exterior hatch section.

Need some music? Our Jensen cube entertainment center with HDMI input can fit the bill! And at the end of the day, you can catch your ZZZs in our two-in-one split bed with the unique sliding expansions that give you the option of a single bed or one fit for two! 

TAB 400 Teardrop Camper

The TAB 400 line also has some changes that we know you’ll love, starting with upgrades to our interior lights to give you more lighting choices and relocation of some of our outlets to make them more accessible. Need some music to help you relax? We’ve got you covered with the Bluetooth Jensen cube stereo system.

With our TAB 400, we are all into options and that starts with your choice of a two-way or three-way refrigerator. Another new addition just for the TAB Solo is the new north-to-south sleeping arrangement. This expandable bed option opens up the interior even more than before. You can keep the bed together and have a nightstand or expand the bed to have a spacious queen size sleeping space. 

If you want a guided tour of these and the rest of the updates and changes to our camper and the Boondock packages, watch our two videos: TAB 320 S and TAB 400.

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