nuCamp RV Partners With the Best in the Industry

nuCamp RV: Built to Perfection

If you weren’t aware, we employ some of the most well-known partners in the RV industry in our products. We take great pride in giving our customers the best of the best, whether that is customer service or products. Because of that, it probably won’t come as a surprise when I say nuCamp RV doesn’t remove ‘basic amenities’ in order to lower weight and price… we load our products with the best features because we believe these are all necessities for today’s campers.

nuCamp RV: Partners


You may have read about the Alde Heating System in our truck campers a few months back. If you haven’t read it, let me explain. Alde’s Central Heating System provides your camper with hydronic heating, which simply means that your camper has more even temperature and all-around heating. The best part? It’s completely silent – no more loud heating systems keeping you awake at night. This system also provides a constant source of hot water for your kitchen area and shower.

Zamp Solar

If you’ve opted for the Solar Package in your camper, you’ve got the best name in the market. Zamp Solar manufactures solar products with the absolute highest quality materials available. Our campers come with an optional solar panel and maintains the charge of most single 12-volt battery systems. To keep your mind at ease, the solar package comes with a visual check on an LCD display on the digital 5-stage controller. This controller gives you a real time indication of the status of your system.


Do you love food as much as I do? If so, you probably value keeping your food fresh on the regular – that’s why every camper of ours is installed with a Norcold fridge. Norcold has been around for 50 years for on-the-road RV use… there’s a reason why they’re the leading manufacturer of RV refrigerators in the country.


Want to carry your gear on top of your camper? No problem! Our Outback Package comes with a Yakima Roof Rack. Whether you have a kayak, surfboard, bike, etc., we have you covered. Take everything with you, wherever. Yakima’s core value is believing in connecting you, friends, family, and all your favorite gear to your favorite destination. While Yakima handles your gear, you now have more space in your camper to create more memories.


Who said you can’t go camping and have great entertainment while you do so? Every TAB, TAG, and Cirrus Truck Camper has a Jensen Entertainment Center. Jensen specializes in premium audio and video entertainment designed specifically for RV use. Their products offer more durability and performance than you would expect from standard RV electronics. If you own one of our products, you can probably attest to this being true.


Mobile living made easy. Those are the words of Dometic. Living in our campers is supposed to be easy – that’s why our kitchens are built with Dometic sinks and stoves. There are millions of people around the world who use Dometic products and you all have one thing in common. You’re going camping. Explore more, see more, and when you’re done, come back to your camper and cook a meal as if you were right at home.


If sleeping comfortably when you’re camping is something you value, we have the answer. Our TAB 400 and Cirrus Truck Camper are installed with a FROLI Sleep System underneath their bed mattress. You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s a FROLI Sleep System?” It’s the answer to your restless nights on the road. Made of highly flexible synthetic elements, the springs accommodate various angles and curves as your body moves. The system offers excellent comfort and suspension for an orthopedically correct night’s sleep.

nuCamp RV: The Bottom Line

While that’s not everyone we partner with and include in our campers, that gives you a general idea of just how much work goes into making our campers. While quality is important, we value the comfort and convenience of our customers. That’s why include some of the best names in the RV industry.






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