Stay connected with uCamp: the app

In today’s digital world, we’ve grown used to having everything available right at our fingertips — recipes, directions, immediate connections with our friends and family.

That’s why we’re creating uCamp: The App.

It’s another way to connect with friends and family by mapping out your travel plans, documenting your journey, and sharing it with others.

uCamp: the app can assist you in planning your trip and documenting your travels along the way through the journal feature.

More than 85% of Americans own a smartphone. At nuCamp, we are always looking for ways to enhance your experience. Our interaction doesn’t stop when you purchase your camper. You become part of the nuCamp family, and we love seeing your adventures and helping you get the most out of every trip you plan.

The app is designed to help you plan your trip including your route and any stops along the way. You’ll be able to see things to do and points of interest in the area you’re staying.

Other highlights of the app include the nuCamp store where you can purchase nuCamp-branded items including t-shirts, mugs, hats; easy access to our knowledge base and support materials; and more.

The idea for the app was first discussed in 2009. With an immature app market and the company rapidly growing, the idea was placed on hold. In 2018, Founder Joe Mullet and CEO Scott Hubble began discussing the possibility of an app again.

One feature of the upcoming app is access to our Support Portal and Knowledge Base.

Work began in earnest earlier this year in partnership with augustwenty, an Ohio-based software development consultancy. They have been an important part — not only in developing the app but also in helping us understand what it would take to build an exceptional app that our users will enjoy using. augustwenty’s experience and knowledge is indispensable. 

The app was named for the annual uCamp Teardrop Trailer Rally we host every year in June in Sugarcreek, Ohio, near our manufacturing facility. uCamp is a time where more than 200 teardrops trailers gather in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country for a week with old and new friends. The community centered around our company and the comradery of our owners inspired us to include a feature within our app where you can document your journey and share it with others via Facebook. It’s just another way for us to stay connected with our nuCamp family, said CEO Scott Hubble.

“We care for the customer, and we want them to have the best possible experience,” Scott said. “The vision was a mobile online community that nuCamp, and fellow users, would support.”

Work continues on getting the app ready and should be entering into beta testing in the coming months. Stay tuned and stay connected. 

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