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This post is written by nuCamp social media specialist Samantha, who attended the TABazona rally in Camp Verde, Arizona. The rally is one of four nuCamp rallies hosted by Mandy Lea and Kendrick.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

That quote by Confucius is one I’ve heard before, and I’ve found it to be true since joining the nuCamp team a little more than a year ago. In the last year, I’ve gotten to know my amazing team members, traveled to new places, and met so many incredible people who are a part of the nuCamp owners’ community.

I recently traveled to Arizona with two other nuCamp team members, Marvin and Mike, to join in on the TABazona rally in Camp Verde. There were more than 100 teardrop trailers at the rally and 180 attendees. It was such a great experience getting to meet nuCamp owners and seeing the beautiful scenery of Arizona. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s roughly a 30-minute drive from Sedona and an hour and 20 minutes from Phoenix.

TABzona was the latest nuCamp rally hosted by Mandy and Kendrick. These satellite rallies have been great additions to the nuCamp community, allowing owners from the West Coast who might not be able to make it to Ohio for uCamp to experience a rally.

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TABazona highlights

If you haven’t attended a rally, I highly recommend it! Mandy Lea and Kendrick organize a great event. TABazona featured a Saint Patrick’s Day Party, cornhole tournament, trailer tours, paint & sip, trivia, karaoke, and — my favorite — a taco cooking contest!

Mike participated in the cornhole tournament, partnering with one of the campers. The duo, dubbed the Frenchies, took home third place!

“Cornhole was a blast, we have some competitive people in our nuCamp family,” Mike said.

Mike, Marvin, and I were judges in the taco contest. We were split into two teams of three judges. With 12 entries (we each tried 6 of them), we were full and happy by the end! Not only are nuCampers adventurous and friendly folk, but they sure can cook too!

The event ended with a nuCamp-sponsored dinner of pulled pork or chicken, potato salad, a Thai slaw, and a cookie or brownie for dessert. Awards and raffle items were given out following the meal — congratulations to all! —, and the night wrapped up with karaoke.

“Mandy and Kendrick did a great job hosting! It was very well organized, and I had a ton of fun — from the tech talks to the trivia and the taco contest to karaoke,” Marvin added.

A special TABazona moment

The TABazona Rally had a special guest this year as nuCamp Founder Joe Mullet and his wife, Ina, were able to attend Thursday and Friday.

TABazona organizers and nuCamp Ambassadors Mandy Lea and Kendrick with nuCamp founder Joe Mullet and his wife Ina. Photo Courtesy of

“Having Joe and Ina there hanging out with everybody and sharing their story was beyond amazing,” Marvin commented.

Joe and Ina had the opportunity to tour some of the trailers while at the event. Joe played the harp for the first time, and Ina became a master cornhole player.

Joe addressed the attendees Friday night, sharing the story of how he came to meet Mandy Lea. It was an amazing moment when the pair recognized how different they are — Joe, a former Amish man, and Mandy Lea, a free spirit traveler. Despite their differences — or rather because of their differences —, they have found unity in diversity. Joe and Mandy built a lasting relationship based on mutual appreciation and respect for the other person.

That idea of “unity in diversity” resonated with a lot of the campers. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your background is. Everyone has a seat at the table and is welcomed to be a part of the nuCamp family.

“I want to thank them for their support and for enjoying our product,” Joe said. “That’s really what it’s all about: connecting with people and hearing their stories.”

At nuCamp, we have four core values — Service Over Self, Always Do the Right Thing, Care Genuinely, and Work Hard. These are values we hold close as a company, and values we want each of our team members to embody. That must start with leadership, and Joe was a shining example of what it means to live a life that follows those core values.

As someone who came to work at nuCamp from a large company, it’s incredible to see the founder mingling with campers and helping out whenever possible. It’s something that makes nuCamp very special to me. I’m proud to work at a company that doesn’t just “talk the talk” so to speak. They truly walk the walk and lead by example.

Joe takes a look at the sink in a TAB at the rally. Photo courtesy of the Robb Family.

During the event, Joe heard about a camper who had an issue with their sink. Joe didn’t hesitate to jump in and help fix the problem. With a background as a plumber, Joe was able to locate and repair the leak.

“Just another great reason why we love our TAB and the nuCamp family!” said Dave Robb, owner of the TAB Joe fixed.

The connections made at these rallies are so meaningful. Meeting and speaking with nuCamp owners is invaluable, Joe said.

“I love it,” Joe said. “I just loved being there. It was a moving moment for me. There were exceptional people there.”

For more information about upcoming rallies, check out nuCamp Rallies with Mandy and Kendrick or

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