Fun at Taborado

Anytime spent with our nuCamp family is time well spent.

At the end of July, three of our nuCamp team members traveled to Palisade, Colorado for Mandy Lea and Kendrick’s first rally — Taborado. Mike, a Customer Experience representative, Marvin, the Quality Standards Manager, and Samantha, the Social Media Specialist, spent time with some of our nuCamp owners at the event.

The five-day rally took place at a beautiful campground bordered by a peach orchard and the Colorado River. More than 180 people attended the rally in more than 100 teardrop trailers. Palisade is a perfect camping location with the Colorado National Monument just a 30-minute drive away. There’s plenty of hiking to do, wineries to visit, and peaches to eat!

Taborado was a wonderful opportunity to see friendly faces from uCamp and make new friends as well. Events included an Omnia Oven Cook-off (featuring three different categories — appetizer, main course, and dessert), a Corn Hole Tournament, group hikes, karaoke, Tech Talks, and more. nuCamp sponsored a Saturday night dinner of pulled pork, brisket, fried potatoes, salad, and cookies.

Mandy Lea and Kendrick did a fantastic job organizing the event. All activities ran smoothly, and — most importantly — everyone had fun! It was an experience our nuCamp team members won’t forget! Attendees were all smiles even despite a few nighttime storms that claimed some awnings and chairs.

You can stay up-to-date with the latest TAB rallies by keeping an eye on our events schedule and joining the Facebook group T@B Trailer Rallies by Mandy & Kenrick. The next rally will take place in October in Terlingua, Texas. Taborado will be Oct. 12-16, 2022.

Mandy Lea and Kendrick organized the Taborado rally in Palisade, Colorado. The duo will be organizing four rallies in 2022.

Mandy and Kendrick will also be taking over Tabazona. General registration opens up Saturday, Aug. 28. The rally is in Camp Verde, which is in central Arizona and is less than an hour from Phoenix and Flagstaff. It’s also about a two-hour drive from the Grand Canyon National Park. Dates for a Smoky Mountain rally in Tennessee are to be determined as well.

Check out what our team members thought of Taborado!

Samantha, Social Media Specialist

Taborado was an incredible experience! I’ve never been to Colorado, and I was amazed at the beautiful landscape. There’s lots of hiking and things to do (you must visit the Colorado National Monument!), and the events on the campground were a blast. Hawaiian night was my favorite. It was so much fun to see everyone donning leis and brightly patterned shirts. Karaoke was a huge hit after dinner. The comradery and excitement of nuCamp owners are unmatched. If you haven’t attended a rally before, I highly recommend you check them out! You’ll make a ton of memories and some new friends along the way.

nuCamp team members Mike (left) and Marvin at Haiwiian night at Taborado.

Marvin, Quality Standards Manager

Taborado was such an amazing event! Everything from the scenery, the food, the gorgeous weather, fun activities, along with seeing so many of our wonderful friends again, made my whole time in Colorado a very memorable experience. Getting to meet so many friends, old and new, along with hearing everyone’s stories was so interesting! If you ever have the opportunity to attend a rally, I definitely recommend you attend and be prepared to have an amazing time. The community atmosphere is such a wonderful thing to experience! 

Michael, Customer Experience

I had a blast! From the cleanliness of the campsite, the nightly events and food, to the conversations with those attending it truly felt like nuCamp family. I would love the opportunity to attend the next one.

Photos by Mandy Lea and Dawn Holt.

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