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2023 Cirrus 820 features a new raised dinette

The Cirrus 820 Truck Camper is a four-season, hard-side truck camper designed for a ¾-ton or 1-ton short-bed truck. This truck camper features a European design and is outfitted with everything you need including a large bed, wet bath, and kitchenette.

This year, the Cirrus 820 underwent several exterior changes. At the back of the camper, you’ll notice the rear roof has been redesigned to emulate the sleeker look of the Cirrus 620. The ladder has also been replaced with a new roof access ladder.

The Cirrus 820 is now available in “dark mode,” which is a charcoal sidewall. The charcoal sidewall option was added to our teardrop lineup in 2022.

The battery has been relocated from the front garage to the inside of the unit under the dinette, giving owners easier access to this component. The hinges on the Seaflo doors are now located on the bottom, so the doors open down. This makes the compartments more easily accessible.

The Cirrus 820 has a spacious interior packed with all the comforts you need to make the Cirrus your home away from home. The wet bath features a toilet, sink, and shower. The well-equipped kitchen includes a 2-burner stove, microwave, sink, and a large refrigerator. The spacious bed faces North to South, allowing two people to sleep comfortably without disrupting the other when getting in or out of bed. The stargazer window also provides a beautiful view of the sky.

The Cirrus 820 underwent a few interior changes. Starting in the wet bath, the fold-down sink has been replaced with a corner vessel sink.

Another notable change is the raised dinette. The window was also lifted to give anyone seated at the dinette a beautiful view of their campsite. This height change allowed nuCamp to add new storage underneath the seats.

One final change is the fridge in the kitchen has been upgraded to an Isotherm Cruise 12V refrigerator.

Interested in learning more or seeing one in person? Contact your local dealer! Stay tuned for additional information and videos on the 2023 Cirrus 820.

8 responses to “2023 Cirrus 820 features a new raised dinette

    1. The fridge draws about 440W per day according to Isotherm’s test data. This works out to roughly 1.53A per hour averaged out over 24 hours. There is not a fan directly over the cooktop, but there is a fan in the ceiling you can run when cooking.

  1. Nice!

    How many cubic feet is the refrigerator?
    What is the model number of the microwave?
    Does the microwave run off the inverter?

    1. Here are the answers to your questions. Thank you for your interest!

      How many cubic feet is the refrigerator? 4.7 cubic feet. It is the Isotherm Cruise 130.
      What is the model number of the microwave? Contoure Power Convection Built-In Microwave Oven Deluxe Built-In
      Does the microwave run off the inverter Only if you get the Lithium package. The regular model does not have the ability to run the microwave off the battery.

    1. You can reach out to your local nuCamp dealer about 2023 models now. Use our Dealer Locator Tool to find your nearest dealer at Thank you!

  2. Where are the batteries and inverter being stored and is there room for 2 or more batteries? How is the space where the batteries were formerly placed being used? There have been several suggestions in youtube reviews over the years about the Alde thermostat being relocated to a location so that the kitchen stove heat does not affect the reading and temperature in the camper. Can that change be made? How is the space below the passage window being used?

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