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Accessorizing Your Teardrop: After-Market Teardrop Accessories

It’s something homeowners can’t resist: the opportunity to add just a few more square feet to their current residence. And it’s not any different for teardrop camper owners. As much as they like the compact and efficient space their TAB or TAG offers, there are those days when a little more available space wouldn’t be amiss.

The TAB 320 Camper Cover costs between $519-$529 depending on the model. (Photo: All Pro Adventures)

If this sounds like you, then the All Pro Adventures website has what you need or want from awnings to tents! And if you just need an outdoor “floor,” the 8.2-ft. by 12.7-ft. waterproof indoor/outdoor Jalax floor will create a comfortable sitting area in your tent or under an awning.

All Pro Adventures also has covers to protect your teardrop from the elements when not in use — TAG; TAB 320; TAB 400.



The Walk Tent for TAB Teardrop Trailers costs between $1,749 to $1,799. (Photo: All Pro Adventures)

Walker Tent for TAB Teardrop Trailers — Enlarge your camping area with the Walker Tent. This tent is available for TABs including the standard, boondock, and clamshell TAB 320 models as well as the TAB 400 boondock and standard models. The screened windows zip on each of the sides to allow for airflow and keep your outdoor area bug-free. This tent is equipped with curtains for privacy and has a variety of uses from a nice outdoor area to an extension for a pet or an additional sleeping area. The Walker Tent is 8 feet deep.

Awnings and Visors

TAB 320 Options

The TAB 320 Sunflex Inflatable Awning costs $829. This awning is available for the TAB 320 and TAB 320 Boondock. (Photo: All Pro Adventures)

Sunflex Inflatable Awning — Made of 100% waterproof material, the Sunflex awning features side windows with roll-up side curtains to allow for additional airflow. Almost 8 feet deep, this awning provides ample shade and allows you to enjoy the outdoors without sitting directly in the sun.

Isabella Sun Canopy — An easy way to add 6 feet of shade to the outside of your teardrop trailer. This awning is made in a neutral color to match all colors of teardrops.

Allpro Awning — This awning comes in a variety of colors to complement your teardrop. It provides an additional 6 feet of shade and was built and designed for easy assembly.

Shade Wing — The Shade Wine is 100% waterproof and comes in a variety of colors.

TAB 400 Options

The Shade Wing for the TAB 400 costs between $449 and $469 depending on color options. (Photo: All Pro Adventures)

Allpro Awning — The Allpro Awning comes in two base colors, silver and white, with a variety of trim colors to match the exterior of your teardrop. Awnings are also available in a solid color. The awning provides an extra 6 feet of shade outside your trailer.

Shade Wing — The Shade Wing, like the Allpro Awning, has a variety of color options. It also offers 6 feet of shade and includes telescopic support poles to hold it up in case of rain.

Sunflex Inflatable Awning — Made of 100% waterproof material, the Sunflex awning includes roll-up side curtains for additional airflow. It has inflatable tubes that are durable and of strong quality. Nearly 8-feet deep, this awning provides a spacious area in the shade for you to sit outside your teardrop trailer and enjoy your campsite.

Isabella Sun Canopy — This awning is made in neutral shades to match all colors of teardrops. The Sun Canopy provides 6 feet of shade and is easy to assemble.

Other teardrop accessories

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