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Camping lessons learned by first-timer

We were up at dawn this morning because we’re heading home to Ohio today. We’ll hitch the T@bitha behind us as we get on the road with a few first-time trailer camping lessons learned. But first we have two things on our agenda.

Goodbye, friendly fellow campers

First, we’ll say goodbye to the new friends we’ve made at the Elkhart Campground. And that involves the first lesson I learned about camping: Campers are friendly and helpful. As soon as we pulled the T@bitha into our spot, folks came out to admire our little gal and offer help if needed.

T@bitha camping
Our T@bitha with the large motor homes in the background that made our teardrop stand out.

That may be because our nüCamp RV teardrop trailer stands out. Its compact shape and size catch the eye among the big guys that surrounded us throughout our four-day stay.

Folks were also captivated by its  glossy white and red exterior. So they stopped by to take photos and grab a peek inside. Some even came in and stayed to chat. As I said, campers are friendly.

Borrow from camping buddies or add to your packing list

That’s where the next lesson comes in: You will never remember everything you need. That’s why that first lesson is so important. Those friendly campers that surround you will be willing to loan you what you need — from a screwdriver to a trash bag.

Nevertheless, I like to be prepared. So I have come up with a short list of things I wish I’d brought. You experienced campers will either already have these items on your list — or you’ll have better ideas.

  • trash bags
  • screwdriver and other basic tools
  • indoor trash container with lid
  • microfiber towel to wipe down the wet bath after showering
  • bath mat, particularly if you forget that microfiber towel
  • multiple microfiber rags, since they have multiple uses
  • small whisk broom and dust pan to sweep up grit you track in
  • outdoor rug to keep feet out of the grit
  • small outdoor table to use with your outdoor chairs
  • patio or beach umbrella to provide shade when camping spot doesn’t have any of its own
  • bottled water for drinking and coffee making; the campground’s looked iffy
  • coaxial cable for cable TV hookup, if you plan to do any viewing
  • small bucket, just in case of who knows what

Until we meet again, TAB 400

TAB 400
The TAB 400

Second on our morning agenda is this: taking a wistful last look at the TAB 400 prototype that debuted at the Elkhart RV Open House on Tuesday to rave reviews.

I must admit, I’d sure love to take that little beauty on the road next time we camp!

However, so would a lot of other people. Everyone who saw it at the open house loved it. And those who read about it on nüCamp RV’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@nucamprv), were duly impressed as well. Many added it to their camper wish lists.


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