Celebrating National Parks Week

It’s National Parks Week, which means it’s time to celebrate the natural wonders and preserved landscapes that make up these treasured spaces across the country.

From the rugged peaks of Yosemite to the lush forests of Yellowstone, each park holds its own unique charm and beauty, beckoning adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike to explore its trails and marvel at its scenery. To honor this special week, we’ve reached out to our team members to share their personal reflections and favorite memories from their most beloved national parks. Join us as we delve into the heart of these natural sanctuaries and discover the magic they hold.

The Cholla Cactus Garden in Joshua Tree National Park at sunrise.

Samantha, Social Media Specialist

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit many national parks, but my favorite park I’ve visited so far is Joshua Tree. I took a quick solo day trip to the park while attending TABazona in 2023. I got up at 4 a.m. and drove from Ehrenberg to Joshua Tree in time to see the sun rise over the Cholla Cactus Garden. It was truly like another world! I’ll never forget the golden glow of the sun as it lit up the desert. There are so many spectacular national parks I’d love to visit someday, but my goal is to take a solo trip to Utah to see Arches, Bryce Canyon, or Zion.

Brianna, Event Coordinator and Marketing Admin

My family and I visited Acadia National Park in July of 2023. We rode along Park Loop Road, wandered around Jordan Pond, hiked Cadillac Mountain, and visited Sand Beach! The day we visited Cadillac Mountain it was quite foggy, but the views while summiting the mountain were beautiful, and you could see for miles. It was an amazing experience, and I would love to visit there again someday! My husband and I have a goal to someday visit Glacier National Park and Yosemite.

The view near Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine.

Karl, Visual Communicator

In the summer of 2010, while on my way to visit family in Tennessee, I took a detour to mountain bike the Arrowhead trails at the New River Gorge National Park. Finding the trailhead proved hard for my GPS, but I eventually found it. Eagerly, I took my bike off the roof rack and hit the trail. Enjoying the challenging hill climbs and the thrill of the downhills, I soaked in every moment until I got an unrepairable flat tire and had to hike back to the car with the bike on my shoulder. Even so, it was a thrill while it lasted. This park is a hidden gem that’s not too far from home. I’m glad it was added as part of the National Parks Service in 2020.

Andy, Sales Manager

My favorite park I’ve visited so far is the Grand Canyon. A group of nuCamp team members took a 5-day trip to hike the Grand Canyon in December of 2022. We hiked down the South Kaibab trail to the bottom and camped at Phantom Ranch for the night. Day 2 was hiking up the Bright Angel Trail and camping at Indian Garden. The 3rd day was completing the hike and coming out of the canyon. Getting to jump in the Colorado River and hike and camp at one of the seven natural wonders of the world was incredible. There are so many spectacular national parks I’d like to visit but the next on my bucket list is Glacier National Park.

Mandy Lea and Kendrick guided some nuCamp team members to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up during December 2022.

Jill, Marketing Manager

I found Smoky Mountain National Park to be a haven of natural beauty and tranquility during my visit. It was in April 2022 that I found myself immersed in the park’s serene atmosphere and stunning landscapes. The mountains, lush forests, and winding trails offered opportunities for exploration and adventure. One of my favorite aspects was the abundance of wildlife and the occasional sighting of black bears. The park left a lasting impression on me, making it a destination I would eagerly return to in the future. The next park I would like to visit is Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

Michael, Customer Experience

In February of 2023, I took my family out to Joshua Tree National Park. I must say, I was impressed by the vastness and almost lunar beauty of the park. We would love to go back and explore what we did not see the first visit. I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park, I would love to make a trip to Yellowstone with my family sometime in the future.

Joshua Tree National Park is located in southern California and is known for the region’s twisted, bristled Joshua trees.

Jason, Account Executive

I’ve visited a lot of National Parks, but Denali National Park in Alaska has definitely been my favorite so far. In August of 2023 I was able to go to Anchorage and Wasilla, AK, to visit dealerships of ours that I had set up the previous year. While there, I was able to take some time and venture north to Denali National Park. While I did see some wildlife in the park, my favorite part was witnessing Denali, North America’s tallest peak at 20,310 feet. Seeing Denali up close and personal via a small, 8-seater plane is something I will never forget. A national park I have not yet visited but would love to is Yosemite National Park.

Visit National Parks

As National Parks Week comes to a close, let’s carry the spirit of appreciation and conservation with us throughout the year.

Whether you’re planning your next outdoor adventure or simply dreaming of the sights and sounds of nature, let’s remember to cherish and protect these invaluable treasures for generations to come. From the towering redwoods to the sprawling deserts, our national parks offer endless opportunities for exploration, inspiration, and wonder. Let’s continue to celebrate and support these remarkable landscapes that remind us of the beauty and importance of our natural world.

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