Cirrus 920—Redefining hard-side, non-slide truck campers

In the world of outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the quest for the perfect recreational vehicle is a never-ending journey. The thrill of the open road, the call of untouched landscapes, and the desire for freedom all converge in the latest addition to the Cirrus Truck Camper lineup – the game-changing Cirrus 920. Packed with cutting-edge features and designed for the modern nomad, this camper redefines the art of exploration.

nuCamp unveiled the all-new Cirrus 920 at the Hershey RV Show in Pennsylvania in September, and it was selected as the 2023 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Hard Side Truck Camper by Truck Camper Magazine. But what makes the Cirrus 920 different from the other truck campers from nuCamp—or, for that matter, all the other truck campers out there?

Let’s start with the most significant difference: the 920 is all-electric, making this “hybrid” truck camper, as nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble called it, the first of its kind in the nuCamp family.

The decision to go all-electric was due to “the ever-evolving alternative fuel landscape,” Scott explained. Customers have also expressed the desire to cut back on fossil fuels and “run clean off the grid for an extended period of time. This happened to coincide with the re-introduction of the 920,” he said. “In sum, the 920 was the offspring of where timing and opportunity collided.”

Redesigned 920

The 920 — a hard side, non-slide truck camper for long bed trucks — has everything eco-campers want: advanced 40-volt, 930 watts of solar, 810 Amp hours Battle Born lithium battery bank (made by Dragonfly Energy), Victron Solar Charge Controller, and REDARC DC to DC charger.

The Cirrus 920 was unveiled at the Hershey RV show in Pennsylvania in September.

The solar panels, designed by SunFlare Solar, are larger (in terms of wattage) than any that has been previously used on units, noted Jeff Schlabach, nuCamp Engineering Manager, “and combined, give the most wattage that we have ever offered, even on upgrade packages.”

Once the solar panel specifications were determined, Dragonfly Energy designed the 920’s complete solar panel, solar controller, and electrical system.

And for those not accustomed to going all-electric, the 920 also has a 20-pound propane tank with a quick-connect for the Alde 3030+ hydronic heating and hot water system.

Those who want to connect to shore power will appreciate the 50-amp Smart Plug system — the only nuCamp camper with that feature. The plug clicks into the outlet rather than twisting on with a collar, making it a more secure and waterproof connection.

The Cirrus 920 can handle all four seasons and various weather scenarios without running out of power. For those hot summer days, the 920 is equipped with Truma’s Aventa air conditioner. The Truma Aventa creates the perfect balance of temperature and humidity while minimizing noise and conserving energy. And those who might have concerns about winter camping and the impact of cold weather on the basement-mounted holding tanks can stop worrying. The Alde heat convector and blower will move hot air around the basement area, keeping the contents from freezing.

Bigger and better

While the power source is the most notable of the 920’s features, it isn’t the only one that bears mentioning. The 920 is the largest in the nuCamp truck camper line, in terms of width (8 feet), base dry weight (4,361 pounds), and center of gravity (50 inches from the front wall compared to 37 inches for the 820). Even the basement is more extensive by another four inches, allowing space for the lithium batteries, a 4-foot long storage slide under the entry door, and better fitment and clearance for different truck cabs.

All this square footage translates to more storage capabilities throughout the interior. The 920 has not one but two wardrobes. One of the driver’s side with an extensive accompanying drawer designed for shoe storage, and a second smaller wardrobe on the passenger side of the cabover. There are also wide side hampers and front nose cabinets. The dinette, while similar in length to the 820 model, is broader and deeper, increasing its comfort level and providing additional storage options. The “more space for stuff” theme is carried over into the kitchen, where the massive sliding pantry is a welcomed addition for those who love to cook on the road.

The view inside the Cirrus 920 from the bed.

As for sleeping quarters, the main bedroom in the cabover is a true queen with a thicker mattress and the signature Froli bed system. Then there’s the brand-new dry bath — complete with a hard entry door, porcelain toilet and corner sink, a medicine cabinet, a walk-in shower, and even a skylight! You can enjoy hot, luxurious showers thanks to the Alde hot water system.

The outside compartments were also designed with storage in mind. The design team started with the basic shape of the bumper that is on the 820 unit, then added on to it with ample storage containers on the top along with more storage compartments on the sides, perfect for cables, hoses, camping gear, or even muddy shoes and boots.

Even the capacity of the freshwater and greywater tanks was increased to 45 gallons and 35 gallons, respectively.

Standard features

The features that are standard for the 920 are anything but average. Instead, they are among the top when it comes to outfitting an RV. In addition to the Isotherm 226L 8-cubic foot 12-volt refrigerator and freezer, the 920’s kitchen is equipped with a two-burner built-in induction cooktop and electric oven (both by Furrion) and microwave.

Soft-close cabinetry with premium Schattdecor finish and custom-designed ceiling lighting are elevated features throughout the camper, while on the outside, rear and side awnings are also standard.

Another exterior feature is the waterproof and walkable roof made of TransCore, the same composite that is in the towable product floors, making it a highly durable surface.

All these attributes resulted in positive comments from those who viewed the prototype at the Hershey RV Show, Scott said.

While visitors took note of the higher price point — the base MSRP is $89,900 — and heavier weight, they also said that the 920 is “absolutely stunning,” Scott said. “We knew we hit the goal by loading the unit up with a lot of power, unparalleled features, and plush amenities not presently available anywhere else in the market. The 920 is a one-of-a-kind camper that is set on redefining the landscape of hard-side, non-slide truck campers with stacks of alternative power.”

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    1. The Cirrus 920 has a dry weight of around 4,400 lbs. We recommend reaching out to your vehicle dealership for more information on your towing capacity. The Cirrus 920 will be on dealer lots in the next month.

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