Virtual üCamp 2020 Round-Up

As we wrote in this post, our big plans for the 2020 üCamp—a five-day in-person gathering with lots of activities—were scrapped due to COVID-19. Instead, we decided to make it a virtual event and invited our fellow üCampers to submit short, unedited videos for specific categories, which the talented Mandy Lea then stitched together into three individual videos.

Here are some highlights from each of the videos. Check them out at the links below and be sure to leave comments!

Virtual üCamp20 – Part 1: 4th Annual Gathering of T@G, T@B and Teardrop Enthusiasts

Episode 1 opens with a welcome from Mandy Lea Davis and Kendrick Allan, followed by a brief welcome from Allison Stutzman, nüCamp Director of Special Events who also organizes the annual üCamp events.

Next up are fellow üCampers joining us from around the country and across the border. We also had some of our üCampers treat us to music, including Ken and Hope Lucas, Steve and Joyce Watts Vann, Richard DeSimone, Kathleen Ehlinger, Bill Kehew, and Triple Scoop Music. You can almost imagine being around the campfire while the tunes fill the night air! (See how many familiar faces you can spot!) 

And don’t miss the family get-together video segment sent in by Den and Colleen Dempsey. Hard to believe that many people could fit in that little camper! So many memories were shared from past üCamps, and so many people share their hopes for 2021—COVID-19 might have trashed the plans for this year but it hasn’t been able to beat the üCamp spirit!

Also in Part 1 is the nüCamp factory tour, a staple of the üCamp schedule but this time done virtually. Hosted by nüCamp president Joe Mullet, the tour gives you a birds-eye view of the TAB 400 line, the TAB 320 line and the TAG line, as well as the Cirrus line and a selection of finished trailers along with the Barefoot Caravan—the new baby in the family!

And of course, what’s a üCamp without food, and in this video, our üCampers shared what they would have brought to wine-and-cheese happy hour if COVID hadn’t interfered with everybody’s plans! (There’s even a recipe demo!) By the time this section of the video is over, we guarantee you’ll be raiding your refrigerator looking for munchies! The video ends with a round of cheers and well wishes from our üCampers!

Virtual üCamp20 – Part 2: 4th Annual Gathering of T@G, T@B and Teardrop Enthusiasts

Mandy Lea and Kendrick are back for Day #2 of the virtual üCamp, along with Steve and Joyce Watts Vann, Aubrey Helmuth-Miller, Barb Seabolt, and Triple Scoop Music providing background music. 

After a short welcome from Jesse Mullet, nüCamp’s owner and Chairman of the Board, Mandy Lea turned the video over to experienced campers offering their advice to newbie RVers. (It might be just our imagination, but it sounds like some of these tips fall under the “Lessons learned the hard way” category!) 

Aubrey Helmuth-Miller of Red Bud Suds provides a tip on handwashing techniques—very relevant due to COVID!—following the Leave-No-Trace guidelines. Then, nüCamp RV tech experts Marvin and Creed answer some of the more technical questions often asked by newbie campers. There may be solutions to some of your questions among those they address! 

Next up is a virtual swap meet, followed by (no surprise) a selection of menu items that our campers would have brought to the potluck dinner. From pasta dishes and Boudin sausage to jalapeño cheddar sourdough bread and Louisiana red beans and rice (just to name a few), this is by far the tastiest segment of the video! There are even quick-cooking demos by David Houseman, Maria Conover, Wendy Lewis, and Barb Seabolt. 

Virtual üCamp20 – Part 3: 4th Annual Gathering of T@G, T@B and Teardrop Enthusiasts

The third and final video put together by Mandy Lea and Kendrick features background music from Steve and Joyce Watts Vann, Aubrey Helmuth-Miller, Barb Seabolt, and Triple Scoop Music. It opens with female-focused tips for lady campers—from safety strategies to camper-driving recommendations. As Mandy Lea says, trust your gut and expect something to go wrong because it will. That way you have the right mindset for handling whatever disruptions occur. 

Then it’s the “puppy parade” with just some of the four-footed campers that would have been at üCamp getting some lovin’ from the campers. Next up are great storage tips, decoration, and modification ideas for your camper, provided by our campers who all have their own favorites. (Be sure to check out Mandy Lea’s Discounts and Partners page for links to some of the items mentioned.) 

nüCamp’s CEO Scott Hubble steps in to share a few thoughts on the three-day virtual üCamp event, followed by Allison Stutzman, nüCamp Director of Special Events, with üCamp 2021 dates: June 14 to June 18. The video closes with warm wishes and fond farewells from all our üCampers and hopes that everyone can be at our next üCamp—this time in person!

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