Waterfalls to Waves: Jesse Mullet’s Epic Journey of Compassion

The landscape blurs past as the cyclist rhythmically pumps his feet. His breathing is steady and measured, his concentration unwavering. A veil of perspiration glistens on his forehead, evidence of the arduous journey undertaken.

The cyclist reaches the end point of his training for the day and removes his helmet. As he leans on the handlebars, waiting for his heart rate to return to a normal cadence, his thoughts are taken back to his grandfather, who was his guiding light and the inspiration for the journey ahead.

In just a few days, Jesse Mullet will embark on a 10-day odyssey traversing 1,883 miles for the Waterfalls to Waves Charity Ride. Jesse, the president of nuCamp, has been training for months in a whirlwind of early mornings, endurance training, and ice baths to soothe aching muscles — all leading up to the kickoff on Oct. 28 at Niagara Falls State Park.

Along with a few companions, Jesse will embark on a soul-stirring journey spanning a staggering 108 hours and ending on the shores of Key West, Florida. With each mile, Jesse intends to raise awareness and funding for Door of Hope Ministry Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to freeing people from abuse and trauma by providing safe housing, education, support groups, and counseling.

A Journey of Hope

Jesse has always been a daring and passionate athlete. Over the years, Mullet has used his athleticism and drive to raise awareness and funds for organizations important to him. In 2018, he completed a 30-day quest cycling from the West Coast to the East Coast to raise money for Pure Gift of God, a ministry dedicated to providing adoption support.

“The reason I get up every morning is to evoke positive change,” Jesse said. “I want to make something better.”

Through the Waterfalls to Waves Charity Ride, Jesse aims to raise $1 million for Door of Hope. Founded in 2012, Door of Hope’s mission is to provide support and resources for those affected by abuse. Through this ride, Jesse hopes to shine a light on the often-silenced voices of women who have suffered abuse and trauma.

Each mile conquered is a testament to the strength and endurance of the human spirit. It’s not just about the distance traveled. It’s about connecting with one another and reminding survivors they are not alone. Many women impacted by abuse carry scars that aren’t visible from the outside but run deep within. Their scars are hidden behind brave smiles as they try to remain strong for those around them.

Jesse embarks on the Waterfalls to Waves Charity Ride Driven in honor of his beloved grandfather, Mel Mullet, and his profound impact on his life.

A Grandfather’s Legacy

From a young age, Mel Mullet continually shared his values with Jesse. Through stories of his life, Jesse learned about the importance of resilience and standing up for those in need. Mel Mullet was a man of unwavering strength and compassion.

“He was a humble leader who never judged and always supported,” Jesse said.

In the days of young adulthood, Mel faced adversities of his own. Despite life’s challenges, Mel never let that stop him from lending a helping hand when he could.

Jesse’s journey from Niagara Falls to Key West won’t be without its challenges. Physical fatigue and unpredictable weather are just a few hurdles he may cross. But with each turn of the pedal, Jesse will feel a connection to his grandfather’s spirit, propelling him forward.

 “The pursuit of positive change in every aspect is truly ingrained in my DNA, defining who I am,” Jesse said.

Preparing for the Journey

On Saturday, Oct. 21, Jesse did a local ride in preparation for the main event. Leaving from nuCamp in Sugarcreek, OH, Jesse and his team traveled 62.5 miles through Holmes County.

Jesse was joined by his travel companions including his father, Joe Mullet, the founder of nuCamp. Joe plans to join Jesse on his venture as much as possible throughout the 10-day trip.

nuCamp is honored to support Jesse in his mission and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Here at nuCamp, we have four core values that shape our work culture: work hard, care genuinely, always do the right thing, and service over self. Through this charity ride, Jesse and Joe embody these attributes. They have worked hard to train for the journey. They care genuinely about providing support to women who are severely impacted by abuse and trauma. They feel it is the right thing to do, and they value service over self as they push through the physical challenges to complete this ride.

Join the Cause

If you would like to get involved, you can support Jesse and his mission by texting 330-854-5842 or visiting waterfallstowaves.com. To follow along Jesse’s journey, visit jessemullet.com and follow the Jesse Mullet Facebook page.

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    1. Great job when you think you will be in Ft Pierce, Florida I love cycling also, Be Safe and heads up !👍

      1. Thank you for your support! Jesse and his team completed the ride on Monday in Key West, Florida.

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